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Sponsored Daily Challenges Pull In Big Results

Sponsored Daily Challenges Pull In Big Results

There is absolutely no doubt that the new Sponsored Daily Challenges are an overwhelming success.

The fact that traffic exchange owners are falling over themselves to get them booked up is testament to that.

Tim uncovered some interesting early stats about these challenges yesterday. So far they are based on collecting tiered badges where typically you collect a badge after surfing 50, 100, 250 pages etc.

You can get some idea of how popular these challenges are by looking at the individual teams within CTP teams and seeing how many daily bonuses the members are racking up.

Tim’s figures also serve to put it into sharp focus too.

Tier 1 – Badges claimed: At least 219 Average 264 Most 309
Tier 2 – Badges claimed: At least 191 Average 223 Most 250
Tier 3 – Badges claimed: At least 135 Average 172 Most 195
Tier 4 – Badges claimed: At least   74 Average 120 Most 141
Tier 5 – Badges claimed: At least   30 Average   67 Most     90

I will leave you to translate those numbers into page views…very impressive stuff indeed I would say.

P.S. If you think you have seen these numbers before somewhere then you  probably have.

They were featured in Jon’s blog post yesterday So We Built It Better, which is well worth checking out if you have not done so already. And if you leave him a comment, let him know you came via the CTP Teams blog…he will love that.


44 responses to “Sponsored Daily Challenges Pull In Big Results”

  1. Rob P. says:

    Very Impressive figures and I am happy to see so many TE owners get involved.
    The flip side to these figures is the Mines and Vaults.
    Been a supporter of these I opted to take more last month than usual and again this month and the increase in people participating has seen at least a minimum 100% increase in people partaking.

    So it says to me that it is win win for those willing to partake in any CTP joint venture.

  2. Georgia says:

    The sponsored team challenges for the tiered badges are definitely a challenge but very worthwhile if you are willing to accept the challenge. These are very impressive figures. Glad I’m part of it all.


  3. Lynn M says:

    Those are some awesome numbers. And I, who used to hate surfing back in olden days, am surfing more than ever before. I don’t always make it to Tier 5, but lately I almost always get to at least Tier 4. That’s a pretty big accomplishment for someone who used to hate surfing (and in the last year or so, like it more than I did, but still only used to surf about 50-100 pages per round of two or three groups of TEs daily).

  4. Tom Wacker says:

    Great numbers. Just great. And like Rob P says, the vault and keys promotion has to be seeing like numbers. Win, Win, Win.

  5. Anton Parvov says:

    I do make it to Tier 5, and then – start to Nerd surfing.
    Sounds like a Plan…

  6. Great numbers and I had a ton of fun at Sunny’s yesterday. It’s the first thing I look at each morning, other than my face in the mirror. It’s no contest which one I prefer.


  7. Impressive indeed – CYFO especially – I joined, purchased 5000 hits for an insane price and got 2 signups to my list.

    Happy CTPMasters member

  8. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Wow. Great numbers. I love statistics :). The daily challenges are awesome. Like Tom said it has been the first thing I look for in the morning. Reset is at 6am here so have time to surf a bit while drinking my morning coffee. Agree with everyone above that it is a win win situation for both owners and surfers.

  9. Awesome stuff. I am so excited about the upcoming promotions I have at my site I am trying to find out if 100 gigs of bandwidth is enough to handle the load. I hope so or I’ll have to execute plan B
    wow I am surfing and typing my old arthritic fingers to the bone, never had so much fun!

  10. Nana Carreras says:

    Interesting… Hmmm!

  11. Wendy says:

    These are all interesting numbers and can help us allocate the hits in sponsors’ sites too!

  12. Sig says:

    This is great.

    The Tiers and on top the mines and Keys, this has become even better then ever!!!

    Can recommand Te owners to go do more Keys and Mines too…

    And allso recommand surfers and advertisors to take advatage of the new team battles, with more traffic to sites, means…yes correct more hits for your promos!

    Thx Timtech team and Thx to all you folks out there.


  13. Debb Lafevre says:

    Daily challenge makes surfing fun and teaches you how to focus.

  14. Kathy Dyer says:

    Very impressive numbers. Is there anyplace where the next daily challenges are listed? It would be great to be able to ask my teammates for referral links ahead of time to be ready to surf.

  15. Glenn Witmer says:

    Those are great numbers, keep up the great work everyone

  16. After the SurfSkeleton calamity, which still turned out OK, the TrafficPharaoh Challenge was phenomenal and I will be running another in very short order. Best numbers the site has ever had since I took it over.

  17. Kathy Dyer says:

    William, glad to hear my skeleton will be a daily challenge soon. I love that site and upgraded again special for the challenge.

  18. Patricia Hedge says:

    Ctp delivers again! Great going to all involved.

  19. Lisa Woods says:

    Absolutely thrilled with our numbers at ShowBiz Hits with the Daily Challenge . Over 200,000 pages views and record sales. Huge chat activity which was awesome. Have now booked 2 more days. Highly suggest it!

  20. IMPRESSIVE Numbers INDEED! I really love the daily challenges that Tim tech gives to us! This keeps me surfing for Sure!

  21. Frank says:

    Very Impressive!

  22. Virginia Herron says:

    I’m still excited about the future possibilities for the daily challenge. I would love to be able to host a badge hunt or something one day :).

  23. Ken Wolff says:

    In line with what Kathy D. said it would be awesome if we all knew in advance what the upcoming challenges will be so that we can prepare our campaigns. That would surely attract a lot more people to the participating programs. It has changed my daily routine and improved the results I am getting. Thanks to all!

  24. Selya Rollins says:

    Massive numbers for those daily challenges, we are on the roll.

  25. Cindy Schellenberg says:

    What I am learning about the daily challenge are TE’s that maybe you don’t belong to, or would not have considered. There are some good ones out there!


  26. Anton Parvov says:

    Very impressive stuff, indeed!

  27. Myra P says:

    If you have them they will come…there is no doubt that a TE Owner that Sponsors a daily challenged will get a huge activity spike 🙂

  28. I think its awesome. Now if only I had a schedule to be able to plan ahead just a bit.

  29. Numbers don’t lie. Keep up the good work.

  30. I am having fun but it is taking a lot to find time to do what I want to do and still stay active and healthy.

  31. Love the Daily Challenges they are a lot of fun & I has helped other TE owners.

  32. Howard Fullmer says:

    Great Post Thank you

  33. Karen Kuty says:

    Those are impressive numbers, but what would be REALLY interesting is to find out from the TE owners how many NEW members they signed up on their sponsor day versus an average day and how their ad sales (credits, banners, texts, etc.) were affected.

  34. Evelyn Kramer says:

    As a TE owner, I appreciate all the surfing, but what I never anticipated was the fun and interest I have in surfing myself. Good Job TimTech Crew. 🙂

  35. Raj G says:

    Thanks for sharing your data.
    Its good to learn about these interesting statistics.

    I feel, if we may have, couple of sites as options for
    Daily Tier Challenge and they are maintained for
    consecutive 2 or 3 days, might be effective…

    Otherwise, there is lot of shuffling in daily surfing plans,
    along with maintaining some regular sites to surf for…

    All CTP team are doing great and improving daily…!



  36. Yay for the daily challenge

  37. John Brewer says:

    Very very cool stuff!
    CTP Teams – the “Breaker of Servers!”

    This is an outstanding opportunity for owners and users alike.

    Win-win all the way round!

  38. Stephen Whittle says:

    Smart TE owners won’t miss out on this!

  39. Jaco Alberts says:

    You’ve surely got the people going!!

  40. Patricia Dean says:

    I am not a big surfer, but I am liking the team challenge, as it is a very simple way to help the team. I am doing the sub game & vaults, some nerd surfing, I am just not a massive surfer. Team Challenge has gotten my attention.

  41. If I was an owner, I would be interested in playing with the numbers to discover the true return on investment.

  42. awasome stats …great members !!

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