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Black Friday 2014 – Double Down Deals Every Five Hours

Black Friday 2014 – Double Down Deals Every Five Hours

Tim Tech Black Friday 2014 banner

TimTech’s amazing Black Friday 2014 weekend of deals is almost upon us and it is time to reveal a little more of what you can expect this year.

Yesterday we revealed how every purchase gets you a 10% team points bonus which applies from the moment you make the purchase and runs right up until 11.59.59pm on Sunday December 7.

But it gets better because every five hours we have Double Down Deals where you get two awesome deals instead of one and where you also get double the bonus.

So for a Double Down Deal Hour for every dollar spent, you get a 20% bonus for your team. To get the bonus all you have to decide is whether to take one or other or both of the deals…whichever option you decide to take then the 20% bonus is applied to the dollar amount that you spend.

The Black Friday Weekend is almost upon us. Get ready for our best deals of the year, a marathon 102 hour Spreecast, bonus XP and more. Saving money has never been so much fun.

5 responses to “Black Friday 2014 – Double Down Deals Every Five Hours”

  1. I am loving where this is all going and the madness is about to begin

  2. steven schofield says:


  3. Sig says:

    This is gonna be fun, great, a Race, and I bet tons of Crazy good deals!!

    I am in, as in; for checking deals and with our Site!!

    Happy Black Friday Deals folks!


    PS! Eat the Turkey before ya check the deals..or ya maybe get an issue swollow it 🙂

    Happy Thanksgivin to you folk over there.

  4. Abdellah says:

    cool deal 🙂

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    Stop with the teasing already and let me shop!

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