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If You Have TimTech Zencoin Now You Can Use Them To Buy XP

If You Have TimTech Zencoin Now You Can Use Them To Buy XP

I think a lot of people know by now that TimTech has been trialling a new cryptocurrency called Zencoin.

People have been mining for coins for some time now and yesterday Tim tweeted out that it was now possible to buy XP with the new virtual currency. Right now 1 Zen will get you 1,000 XP.

However in order for Zencoin not to have an overly dramatic impact on CTP Teams (and cries of “its not fair” from people who don’t have Zencoin) there is a limit to one purchase per day per team member.

The idea is that Tim wanted to trial it within our community first before releasing it more generally so that anyone could use it.

He even wrote a blog post explaining how it all worked and that post is the Member Spotlight at CTP today so the chances are that you should have seen it already.

However these are the main points you will need to know to buy XP with Zencoin:

First you will need to set up a wallet

  • To buy XP with Zencoin you’ll need a Zencoin Wallet which is used to send or receive Zencoin.
  • Once you have a Zencoin Wallet click on the Receive tab. On that page, click New Address. Give it a label if you want, it’s for your own use. Now you can receive Zencoin.

Next you will need to get some coins

There are many ways to earn Zencoin, but the easiest is with the Zencoin Faucet. While supplies last, TimTech will give away free Zencoin. All you have to do is copy that address you made above into the Faucet website, and we’ll send you a random amount of Zencoin.

When you first receive coins, your wallet will say “Unconfirmed” Zen. This means it sees the Zen was received, but the network of computers has to verify it. This is how the system prevents stealing/fake payments.

Spending Zencoin

Once that Zen moves over to your “Balance” then you can use it to make purchases. Zencoin is an open source “nobody owns it” project, so you’re free to come up with your own uses for it as well.


5 responses to “If You Have TimTech Zencoin Now You Can Use Them To Buy XP”

  1. James Bain says:

    Looks interesting. I may try this to see what it is all about. Who knows, I might like it, especially if I can get some Zencoin free.

  2. Hey it’s new; what the heck might as well give it a shot. Thanks Tim Tech

  3. Ken Wolff says:

    I gave it a lot of time and effort but have a wallet that is zipped shut and not allowing coins in. It is no walk in the park. Glad it is working for some of you. :@

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