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The Numbers Are Interesting As Another CTP Teams Week Enters Home Stretch

The Numbers Are Interesting As Another CTP Teams Week Enters Home Stretch

CTP Teams top of Premier League Friday November 7

If the points tally did not keep updating at the top of the Premier League, one might be forgiven for thinking the table had broken. First, second and third places are stubbornly, and resolutely exactly the same as they have been for some time now.

However this is not to say that there is nothing going on – far from it because it takes a lot of efforts for the top three teams to stay top three teams. This just shows how good at remaining at the top of the table the Alphas, Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers have become.

Hunters in fourth place, up one from fifth, are really showing a determined effort to cement their place in the top five and, once again, are in no danger of dropping back down a league.

The numbers are interesting again this week. The Aplhas lead is approximately double that of the second placed Lucky 13 whose lead is approximately double that of third placed Uber Surfers. Just to keep the trend going the Uber’s lead is approximately double that of each of the next two teams as very little separates The Strays and Kore4 in fifth and sixth place respectively.

Kore4 have three times the points of, CSN, the team below them but there is not much at all separating the bottom four teams which means that they still have everything to play for to avoid relegation.

There has been an amazingly strong showing this week from TE Racing League at the top of the Competitive League and in seventh place overall.

The Competitive League is certainly just that…competitive with each of the top 19 teams amassing more than one million points this week.

Keep going strong everyone and have fun with CTP Teams.

16 responses to “The Numbers Are Interesting As Another CTP Teams Week Enters Home Stretch”

  1. Wendy Browning says:

    I think that it is all due to TimTech making it very easy for us to collect xp. Then the fact that the members of these teams log in and complete as many challenges as they can.

  2. Sig says:

    Its just a little over a month till X-mas, and the just an other week till New Year.

    And we getting close to the Best teams of the Year contest I guess.

    After that I guess it all start back at 0 for all…

    From there it can be very interesting… if I am right in the way it should be that when 1 years has gone the contest restart… Hopefully to keep the fun and spirit in this.

    Success to all, and dont forget to send me Presents at Christmas :)))

    (I really wishing for the new XBOX one and COD +++) 😉

  3. once again we are battling for top 4 hard to catch the top 3 after they raided the other teams for the beat surfers, but that aside I believe we all have a chance at the top with %100 effort from everyone

  4. Tom Wacker says:

    Man, it’s just great to have Patrick back keeping us informed. To quote Joni Mitchell “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone..”

    Sig: I just happen to know that the new Xbox is available on TTRewards. I’m just sayin’

    And, the SAAs have brutalized us again. They clearly have something going on that we don’t. Jeeze.

  5. Howard Fullmer says:

    I love being a surfaholic Alpha. There are ups and there are downs and debates with Terry is sometimes fun and joking around with Rip. Cant wait to see what the prize for the team of the year will be 🙂

    Go team SurfAholics GO GO GO Yeah!!!!!!! We allways win.

    • Wendy Browning says:

      Hey, we win sometimes. And I agree with Howy, Just with Lucky13 go go go we sometimes win yeah!!!

      • Howard Fullmer says:

        Yes Lucy13 is a great competetor and has beaten us a few times 🙂

        I enjoy some of the close calls we have had with this team.

        Also was fun when Ubers were making us fight:)

  6. Its good to see the stats are being kept and those numbers are huge

  7. Randy Sult says:

    Here’s my comment for XP. 🙂

  8. Randy Sult says:

    Oh wait…don’t forget to Uber Surf

  9. Marye says:

    It isn’t over until it’s over … WTG all 🙂

  10. Very good an interesting read.

  11. steven schofield says:

    Wow that is interesting.

  12. Victoria Stein says:

    Perhaps the competition has made many better surfers overall! Enjoyable read Patrick!

  13. James Bain says:

    Learning how to score XP has been interesting and fun

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