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Hunters Seek Out New Territory As They Climb To Fourth Spot In Premier League

Hunters Seek Out New Territory As They Climb To Fourth Spot In Premier League

CTP Teams overall top on Friday October 31

Last week Hunters were in the Competitive League but this week they find themselves holding down the fourth spot in the Premier League.

They have been there for a couple of days now and have obviously decided that CTP Teams needs a little bit of a change at the top.

Right now fifth place Kore4 are only just behind them but, so far at least, the Hunters have been unwilling to give up the ground they have earned for themselves.

The top three slots are much as they have been for some time now – SurfAholics Alpha, Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers in first, second and third places respectively. There is a lot of clear space between each of the teams but not so much that the positions could not change between now and Sunday.

It is a rather different story at the bottom of the league with TE Racing League, CTP Masters and Surf to Earn all looking pretty much destined to drop down a league this week.

Finally this week, the Top 100 Players table is rather interesting to look at this week. As you might expect, the Top 20 places are dominated by members of the Alphas and Lucky 13.

However the interesting news is that number one spot is held by Lucky 13 member Pan Garan who has earned an incredible 623 million points for his team this week – more than twice as much as the second placed Top 100 member. This is an awesome individual achievement indeed.

In fact how is that even possible? That is more from one person than the points totals of any individual team in CTP Teams outside of the top two.

Top 100 Players top three in CTP Teams

14 responses to “Hunters Seek Out New Territory As They Climb To Fourth Spot In Premier League”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    wtg Hunters good job

  2. A Huntin we will go A Huntin we will go , Hi Ho the Merrio a Huntin we will go

  3. steven schofield says:

    Awesome job u are doing with the hunters Val.

  4. Congratlations on your rise in the standings, but the Kore 4 team is not ready to concede 4th place to you yet!

  5. I wish i could type too, that should be congratulations!

  6. Erin says:

    WOW! Nice work Hunters!

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    Pan is an XP machine!

  8. James Bain says:

    Happy surfing and egg hunting

  9. Way to go and keep on surfing. It is a challenge.

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