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Spooktscular 1014 Day 4 – A Head Start At StartXchange

Spooktscular 1014 Day 4 – A Head Start At StartXchange

We have reached Day Four of Spooktacular 2014 and the attention moves to traffic exchange advertising.

Today we focus on StartXchange and have a deal on one of the most popular ways to advertise there…the StartXchange start pages.

This normally costs $75 but until midnight Eastern tonight you can get it for just $35 – and remember every purchase comes with free XP Prize Wheel spins for every member of your CTP Teams team.

Spooktacular 2014 StartXchange

Watch out for another great offer tomorrow.


5 responses to “Spooktscular 1014 Day 4 – A Head Start At StartXchange”

  1. Ken Wolff says:

    The print on the special is so small that it is spooky!

  2. Wendy Browning says:

    That’s a great deal

  3. steven schofield says:

    A good deal.

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