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Spooktacular 2014 Day Two – Doctor Traffic Treat Is Live

Spooktacular 2014 Day Two – Doctor Traffic Treat Is Live

Spooktacular 2014 YT video still shot

Spooktacular 2014 is into day two and we have another amazing deal for you.

Yesterday the AdKreator deal had an amazing response to an amazing evergreen advertising tool.

If you are new to the industry and new to AdKreator then enjoy using it to make some really cool designs. If you are a seasoned veteran then you will know what a good deal you have got.

Today we focus on getting your splash pages or squeeze pages seen for no effort on your part. Whether or not you surf for page views (we understand that not everyone has the time of the inclination to surf) Doctor Traffic is an effective way to get your creations seen.

Use it to supplement y0ur surfing activities or to give your current campaign a boost for just as a means to do all the work for you…we will deliver quality traffic.

Doctor Traffic has already delivered more than 72 million hits to many thousands of successful advertisers so now is a great time to join them.

Until Midnight eastern tonight you can jump on our Doctor Traffic Spooktacular 2014 deal – 10,000 hits for just $17 – which is a saving of 65 per cent. With Spooktacular 2014 the treats just keep on coming.

4 responses to “Spooktacular 2014 Day Two – Doctor Traffic Treat Is Live”

  1. Anton Parvov says:


  2. Sig says:

    An other great offer….wonder whats next!


  3. Another great offer from the TT Team

  4. Yep that was a great deal. AND… I just upgraded to lifetime with the previous great offer. Oh well. I love helping my team leader out.

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