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Badges (i) – More Than 20 Million CTP Badges Have Been Claimed

Badges (i) – More Than 20 Million CTP Badges Have Been Claimed

More than 20 million CTP Badges have been  claimed

At about 10.24pm Eastern last night, someone, somewhere clicked on one of the many CTP badges which are currently live and available to claim…and in doing so clicked on the 20 millionth badge to be claimed.

This is an amazing achievement when you consider how many people, back in the early days of  CTP, said the “rather childish little badge collecting game” would never catch on.

Badges were accused of being at best irrelevant and, at worst, seriously detrimental to the important business of viewing other people’s online advertising pages.

Well, I have just checked and the traffic exchange industry is still alive, in fact it is flourishing, expanding and venturing out into new markets – just look at the Lords of Lothar launch from Monday.

Now there are more CTP badges in existence then ever there have been; they are being collected at a faster rate than ever and they can be found at more sites than ever.

Jon Olson tweets out 20m CTP badges claimed

We have regular dedicated badge hunts where online business owners race to snap up our badges because they know the power that they hold. CTP badges boost sales, add new members to list, improve conversion rates and get people to take the action advertisers want.

This is not too bad for a system which people told us would never last and would harm online business. Funny thing is these people have gone very quiet these days…maybe they are too busy collecting badges?


8 responses to “Badges (i) – More Than 20 Million CTP Badges Have Been Claimed”

  1. Ken Hulit says:

    awsome what an accomplishment

  2. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I told you you guys were genius!
    I feel like a proud “Mommy” for some stupid reason LOL

  3. Sig says:

    Gotta Say Awesome…

    Back to sea for me now…need clean up the bottom.

  4. Karen Kuty says:

    People love bright and shiny things…

  5. Marye says:

    That’s amazing 🙂

  6. steven schofield says:

    awesome guys.

  7. Raj G says:


    good to know about such facts…


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