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How Indulge Yourself Team Leader Russell Stockley Has Been Getting Fresh This Week

How Indulge Yourself Team Leader Russell Stockley Has Been Getting Fresh This Week

Russell Stockley CTP Team Indulge Yourself Leader on First Daily Fresh Spreecast

Indulge Yourself team leader Russell Stockley started getting Fresh this week and he plans to make it a regular thing.

Fresh is his new Spreecast show and it is great to see yet another member of the CTP community come out and get on camera with regular free content in the spirit of openness and sharing.

It also looks like Russell has put a lot of thought and effort into his shows, which take place four days a week, and each daily program has its own theme:

Monday – Marketing

Tuesday – Branding

Wednesday – Design

Friday – Lists

There are lots of cool features including one where you can win a prize by answering a question which was asked on the previous day’s show.

Fresh from Russell Stockley

With prizes every day, special guests and the chance to share and get involved, this really has the makings of something really special.

There is still room for more people to follow Russell’s lead. What are YOU waiting for?

13 responses to “How Indulge Yourself Team Leader Russell Stockley Has Been Getting Fresh This Week”

  1. Great to hear. I will definitely look for the shows.


  2. Charlotte says:

    Great Russell! To bad it’s 2 am where I live When it’s on 🙁

  3. steven schofield says:

    That is great Russell good luck with fresh.

  4. Hay, thanks for the plug 🙂
    and yes Fresh is new, its exciting, its Tantalizing, Tasty and Tricky
    Come along each day, except Thursday when its Cuppa Time, and you can become engaged in great discussion and great Content

    See you there 🙂

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    Good for you, Russell. Adding more value = more people knowing, liking, and trusting you and your TE. 🙂

  6. Patricia Dean says:

    Congrats Russell

  7. Marye says:

    Awesome newness Russell – will be looking for your shows for sure

  8. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG Russell

  9. Sig says:

    Respect Russell!!

    This one I will try find time for…!!


  10. Ken Wolff says:

    Thanks fr this “Fresh” new opportunity for everyone to share strategies for success and learn. I am happy to encourage people I know to attend the show and improve their skills in Marketing, Branding, Design, and List building.

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