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Easy Win For Alphas But WealthBuilders Make Late Move On Weekly Contest

Easy Win For Alphas But WealthBuilders Make Late Move On Weekly Contest

CTP Teams last week standings as of Monday October 13 2014

This week saw yet another easy win for SurfAholics Alpha which had notched up more than 1.6 bn team points thanks to some very strong activity from many of its members.

Second placed Lucky 13 came close to breaking the billion barrier once more and Uber Surfers came in third.

The Strays managed to overtake CTP Renegades in the battle for fourth and fifth places but it is WealthBuilders which are worthy of some attention this week. They were in 11th place on Sunday evening, had moved up to seventh place when the contest ended and now, at time of writing, are fourth in the Premier League.

An active 400 per cent bonus for one of their members upgrading to Kore 4 has certainly helped add to their impressive total but can they maintain the momentum and finish strongly this week too? This is certainly a team to watch this week.

Hunters, Kore4 and CTP Masters all moved up a division while Bonz Brigade, CSN and Surf Lovers all moved down.

Interestingly the win for the Alphas means they are also the first team to complete two full rows of trophies on their home page…

CTP Teams SurfAholics Alpha are first to two rows of trophies on their home page

We are also mid way through another month with everything to play for so enjoy the competition and, above all, have fun with CTP Teams.

15 responses to “Easy Win For Alphas But WealthBuilders Make Late Move On Weekly Contest”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Awesome all teams!

  2. Jose Carrico says:

    Oh yeah, we’re here to stay 🙂

    Good luck everyone. Enjoy the week 🙂


    (proud member of WealthBuilders :D)

  3. Susan McCook says:

    Way to go to everyone!

  4. Evelyn Kramer says:

    This is not a Fluke. Wealth Builders are a Rocking Bunch and they are not leaving Premiere League without a fight. Go Team!

  5. No changes in Top 3 🙂

  6. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG all teams!

  7. Lynn M says:

    Great effort by all and particularly congrats to the Wealthbuilders, y’all obviously put in some great effort this week!

  8. Sig says:

    got some Blipp blopps in my diving mask today so cant read as good as normale..

    But yes Keep doing this lets have FUN!

  9. Lori Sivage says:

    WTG Team third is awesome now lets find some awesome surfers to replace.

  10. Wendy Browning says:

    What a wonderful week, I had so much fun collecting all the extra xp that timtech made possible, I hope that we get more weekends like that last one.

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who plays!

  12. Karen says:

    Way to go team and all – here’s to another exciting week lets go for top 5!

  13. Let the contests continue! 🙂

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