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When SurfAholics Teamed Up With The Crazy Cats and Coco the Ovendog

When SurfAholics Teamed Up With The Crazy Cats and Coco the Ovendog

Matt Badura and Nathan LaPlante on TELive

Smack talk: Matt Badura and Nathan LaPlante on TELive

Today I really must applaud SurfAholics AlphaΒ  team leader Matt Badura and the top cat at Crazy Cats People Nathan LaPlante.

I wasn’t able to get to TELive until almost at the very end and both Matt and Nathan stepped up to get on camera and take my place.

I can’t stress enough how difficult it can be to turn your webcam on and talk to a live audience if you have never done this before.

Both guys did brilliantly and it was good to see two such very different, but very successful, team leaders interact on air.

Perhaps Matt and Nathan could do this more often to build their own audience, raise their profiles and the profiles of their respective teams.

I for one would certainly tune in.

Nathan brought along a cat or two for entertainment…

TELive from May 28 2014

And not to be outdone…Jon brought along Coco the ovendog…

TELive from May 28 2014

Mascot: Team #Ovendog mascot Coco gets on camera but Nathan’s cats are nowhere to be seen. Those cats are not so crazy after all.

24 responses to “When SurfAholics Teamed Up With The Crazy Cats and Coco the Ovendog”

  1. Charlotte Ericson says:

    I really wish I could attend TE Live but the time difference makes it hard. I start working 7.30 am Swedish time and TE Live is at 1 am Swedish time.

  2. Sig says:

    I was there, lost connection, yes Spreecast ya know.. πŸ™‚

    But then I manage to listen, as in the good old day, you know Radio?? πŸ™‚

    I respect them for stepping up like this…and well Matt is my teamleader and I have deep respect for him..and he knows it.

    Success to all Teams, who is next teamleader to step up and show he can do it on cam?? πŸ™‚


  3. Joao Ramos says:

    TE Live.. so many invitations to assist and always had to put my surf ahead… Next time i won’t miss it.
    I must respect and congratulate them for doing this.
    Well done.

  4. AWESOME SAUCE SHOW ! πŸ™‚ cats, ovendogs and trash talk what more could you wish for? πŸ™‚

  5. Nana Carreras says:

    I ve missed this TELive. Its a sorrow. Soon will be in there.

  6. Frank says:

    Yes Awesome Show!

  7. Great show I’ll be happy to come on air a baffle everyone with my insanity.
    Great job Matt for not freaking out you are cool. I still don’t like cats Nathan but you are ok.
    If someone wants to start a tem called oven cats that would be cool too.

  8. For anyone that has been afraid to get on cam, here’s something you may not realize. You do not see 50 sets of eyes on you. All you can see of “the people” are those that you are sharing the screen with. If you can hold a conversation with one or 2 other people (or even talk to yourself) you can do this.

  9. Matt Badura says:

    Thx for the support I was really scared πŸ™‚

  10. WOW! I really missed that TELive… I am very sorry I did too. I am so very glad that both Team Leaders just stepped up to the plate and took ACTION! Hope they both will be on camera more too. We need o see some new faces once in awhile… Great going to the both of you Nathan and Matt!

  11. Howard Fullmer says:

    I missed the live show but watched the recorded version it was great to see my team leader doing this.

  12. Lynn M says:

    That was a great TE Live and it was super great to finally see Nathan in real time (Matt too but we’d seen him last week). Way to go guys!

  13. Stephen Whittle says:

    Looks like TE Live went to the dogs (again)….just another day.

  14. Donna says:

    Matt & Nathan did great. well done guys πŸ™‚

  15. David McKay says:

    Matt and Nathan, from the sound of it, you done great. Pat yourselves on the back.

    I’ll need to go and check it out. They are recorded, aren’t they?

  16. David McKay says:

    No need to answer, they are recorded. I missed that bit.

  17. Virginia Herron says:

    Seeing this mad me want to get on TE Live again. I just need to bring something to talk about ;).

  18. Lol, I am sorry I missed this now πŸ™‚ way to go folks

  19. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations guys (and cats and ovendogs)!

  20. Patricia Hedge says:

    It was really great to see you all struting your stuff. Very well done guys!

  21. Myra P says:

    That TELive was very good! Everybody did great including the pets. Matt you were awesome!

  22. Glenn Witmer says:

    way to go guys..good luck on the win

  23. Matt Badura says:

    Once again thx for all the support , you guys rock.

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