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Bigfoot Has Gone But He Left A Lasting Impresson In The TE Industry

Bigfoot Has Gone But He Left A Lasting Impresson In The TE Industry

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt has been a massive success and I, for one, am certainly sad to see him go.

During the two weeks he was with us, he gave away 13,144 badges, rewarded 14 lucky people with one million surprise XP and has given away 100,000 XP away randomly 985 times making that another 98,500,000 bonus XP he has given away.

There were 181 badges in the hunt and all but two badges were claimed, which is extraordinarily good going indeed.

However the final judges of a badge hunt are the people who took part and there was positive feedback from start to finish.

People reported making their money back on the very first day of contest and one member said it was the best promo they had ever taken part in.

Others chose to build lists, create downlines in their favorite programs, promote their own products and more. This is a diverse community and, as expected, people came up with diverse ways of giving away their badges.

Different people will have different things which stood out for them but some of the things which stood out for me about this promo were:

  • William Miller for ordering more badges than anyone else and coming up with the best page I have ever seen for setting out exactly how to claim them.
  • Tom Wacker for revealing that he spent more than two hours every day manually counting the number of badges that had been claimed each day.
  • Bigfoot for persuading Tim to post the running total on CTP each day which came as a huge relief to Tom.
  • Valentin Mavrodin for making a splash page which was an image of the badge hunt claim page…some people complained that it was a but sneaky but it worked and got him a lot of sign ups. I thought it was very clever indeed.
  • Sneaky but effective - Valentin Mavrodin's badgehunt splash pageMatt Badura who used one of his badges for a survey – I thought this was very interesting as gaining information is always useful.
  • Similarly Virginia Herron gave away badges to promote her offline business – I particularly liked the idea of asking people to tweet out ways that she could improve her business.
  • Walter Mulder for creating a “badge hunt within a badge hunt” – a number of Uber Surfers are also TE owners and they put a special Uber Surfer badge in rotation in their TE’s last week. Those who collected it also got one of the Bigfoot Badge Hunt badges too…clever.
  • Tom and Sunny for keeping us all updated with their daily badge hunt blog…they never did get round to updating the temporary header but that is not important. It is the content that matters and the content was great.Tom and Sunny badge hunt header
  • Ben Frazier and William Miller for getting the top three slots on the most claims for any single badge. Ben took first and third slots for most claims on a single badge and William came in second.
  • LynnM and Russell Stockley for teaming up to make it super easy to collect badges with a bonus badge claim feature on Lynn’s weekend trivia show. Those who were there got a whole lot of easy badges that they might not otherwise have been able to claim.
  • Everyone who tweeted about the contest using #Bigfoot Badge Hunt – this was a great way of keeping up to date with badge hunt news and a great way of promoting your own badges too.Bigfoot Badge Hunt on Twitter
  • Greg R Worley who decided to trade a badge for an XP Battery. Nice idea, very simple and effective. Greg earned himself a very tidy stockpile of XP batteries this way.
  • Pat vd Toorn – He simply asked people to make him an offer he could not refuse and awarded the badge on that basis. I would love to know what offers he actually received.Bigfoot Badge Hunt make me an offer
  • Carl Davies and Adrian Gurgui – They both used the badge hunt to gain followers or likes on social media sites. Nice idea and can produce long-lasting results.

It was a fun two weeks and thanks to everybody for taking part.



20 responses to “Bigfoot Has Gone But He Left A Lasting Impresson In The TE Industry”

  1. Marye says:

    WTG ev1 – I thought this was an excellent way of promoting your TE’s or other online businesses – next time I will definitely take more of a role since I’ve seen how responsive the CTP users are/were with this badge hunt.

  2. Walter Luís says:

    Sorry, CTP, but, THIS TIME, the badge hunt was LAME, REALLY LAME. You guys gave away a lot of 50 cent (or it was 25 cents? I can’t remember which one) cash prizes during the event with a solid income for you. It was the main reason I got some badges.. Now EXP POINTS? Seriously, exp points are worth almost nothing and still you are getting a lot of profit from these and that’s fine, but I would expect that at your badge hunt you guys would put a little effort at doing as good as before, not going backwards, like this time. I’m so disappointed at you that I didn’t get ANY badge during that event and I was looking forward for this event for months! Shame on you, CTP. I hope next time will be better. Take good care of your users: they are your main revenue source. Thanks for reading and good day!

  3. Sunny Suggs says:

    Lynn M got Pat’s badge… and her payment was that she has to call him “Surfing God” for the entire month of September!

  4. I would like to thank everyone who upgraded at my site to receive their badge!!
    next time I’ll make it a bit easier.
    It was fun just seeing all the unique ways people chose to get people to find their badges

  5. steven schofield says:

    WTG Lynn for getting Pat’s badge, sorry to see big foot end.

  6. Carl Davies says:

    I can’t wait for the next badge hunt to begin… That’s how much I enjoyed it! Like you said very diverse bunch of people all taking action and enjoying themselves.

  7. Carl Davies says:

    By the way Patrick – You MISSED a ‘I’ out of impression. Typo sucks hey..

  8. This Badge Hunt was Hot Footing and Big 🙂

  9. Not sure if asking someone to pay $ 250 for a badge is creative

  10. Lynn M says:

    Thanks for the mention, Patrick…. and just wanted to add that Russell also gave away all five of his badges during his last week’s Cuppa Time show, too. Awesome stuff all the way around, in any case! 🙂

  11. Randy Sult says:

    Badges? We don’t have to show you any “Stinkin Badges”!

  12. Karen Kuty says:

    I enjoyed the badge hunt–it’s fun to see how the badges are being used and how they are promoted. Even for those who are not competing for the cash prize, there is much that can be learned and applied to any online business.

  13. Raj G says:


    Hope everyone enjoyed the hunt…!!!


  14. Ken Wolff says:

    Enjoyed the hunt and looking forward to the next one.

  15. Money is nice but the fun is in working with people and offering things that they want and in the friendship and camaraderie. Until next time…

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