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Lightbulb Moment As I Finally Crack Bigfoot Badge Order “Code”

Lightbulb Moment As I Finally Crack Bigfoot Badge Order “Code”

BigFoot Badge Hunt logo and badges claimed

Sometimes it can take me a little while to notice the obvious while looking at something familiar.

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt has proved a really great example of this for almost two weeks now.

I noticed that the order that the badges are shown on the main claim page kept changing but never really paid too much attention as to why they were changing.

And now with just over 24 hours to go the solution dawned on me…the badges were being displayed in order of total numbers claimed.

Maybe this has been obvious to everyone else from day one…but not to me.

Every day of the hunt Tom was telling us which badges were first, second and third on his badge hunt blog and I had visions of him working on a huge spreadsheet just to keep track of all the data.

This goes to show that sometimes the obvious is just staring you in the face.

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt continues until Midnight Eastern on Sunday night so there is still time to get claiming…happy hunting.


20 responses to “Lightbulb Moment As I Finally Crack Bigfoot Badge Order “Code””

  1. Wendy Browning says:

    I am still very new here in TE land but I have had the best time with the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. This was a great idea and very wonderful experience for my first badge hunt. I’m kinda sad that it’s almost over.

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    I agree with Wendy

  3. Jon says:

    I agree with Wendy but not Howard ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. Karen Kuty says:

    LOL! Sometimes we all need a smack in the face with the obvious.

  5. Ken Wolff says:

    Well it took me a while to moving on sharing the badge but I think I moved it up the page as I got to know a lot more people by making it easier to claim my badge. Communication was the only requirement as we moved into the final days. It is not hard to say “I want your badge.”

  6. steven schofield says:

    I thought that very body new that it was so obvious, i guess sometimes we can’t see what is straight in front of us.

  7. Anton Parvov says:

    there is still timeโ€ฆ happy hunting

  8. Lynn M says:

    Hahahaha Patrick. This is why we all love you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Charlotte says:

    Sometimes you don’t see the forest because of all.the trees.

  10. Myra P says:

    I love DUH moments…Life is GREAT!

  11. Andrew Stark says:

    Since I figured that out on the second badge hunt I’ve tried to ensure that I made it easy to claim my badge, as getting high up the rankings means you get more free advertising.


  12. Thanks for sharing now I finally understand the order it is displayed lol

  13. Evelyn Kramer says:

    The Bigfoot Hunt has been so much fun! This is my first one but I loved both hunting and having badges in the hunt. Great clues everyone!

  14. Sig says:

    Happy hunting… Walter ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

    Well well…now its close to the end of this one…and as in business…I hope some earned some cash ( I know a Some Totally DID) And that others got more branding…that I know SOME allso did, some get more then others..

    As some are special I guess…

    And William really had many to harvest, and it wasnt to hard to get them, there was a few ways, one was to buy them all for a price of what i dont remember..but there was even a cheap way to do it x2!

    So well..time ticking..SLH has a few that are easy to get, and now one of the “hardest” to get…not the bottom walker, but an other will be put in so all have a chance at 110-140 pages…

    Meep meep…Thx God its over…NEXT ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Ken Wolff says:

    I past one up while surfing and Kicked myself seconds after clicking to the next page…LOL

  16. Raj G says:


    the hunt is always on….!!!!


  17. It was fun not having to worry about how I would give away badges this time. I just reaped from those of you who worked on giving them away. ๐Ÿ˜€

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