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Hey Matt…Jon Called And He Wants His Surf Party Back

Hey Matt…Jon Called And He Wants His Surf Party Back

Matt Badura was the one minute man at yesterday’s Sweeva Surf Party. He had so many one minute pages that it seemed like he owned the contest for much of the hour.

In fact not only did he dominate the show with his long pages – the most 60 second pages ever shown at a Sweeva Surf Party – but he also won the individual contest…on the very last page shown.

This is the fourth week in a row that Matt has come first in the individual contest…this is how things looked this week:

  1. Matt Badura – 11 page views
  2. Monica Wilson – 10 page views
  3. (=) Ben Frazer, Rip Van Sky and Norbert Ladner

In the team event we saw another first – Jon’s team CTP Renegades came out fighting and had broken down One Minute Matt’s 60 second page barrier they could not be shifted for a while. Four pages in a row were Renegades pages and they kept the pressure up from start to finish.

Did they do enough to win for the first time?…well yes they did, and quite convincingly in the end.

Team winners:

  1. CTP Renegades
  2. SurfAholics Alpha
  3. CSN

There were also lots of awesome pages this week as ever…watch out for some of those in another post.



18 responses to “Hey Matt…Jon Called And He Wants His Surf Party Back”

  1. hehe ….hope NOT to see this many 1 minute timers again…but cool trick

  2. Now try to get a full hour Matt, I’m sure Patrick will like it

  3. Lynn M says:

    Way to go Renegades… Norbert’s latest designs are SUPER impressive!!!

  4. Wendy Browning says:


  5. Howard Fullmer says:

    This is funny

  6. This shows me and tells me the Sweeva Surf Party has declined to new lows.
    There was a time you got to see ordinary type splash pages from ordinary type people who didn’t have to be in a team or participating in anything else.
    The page would be discussed and said person’s page was given a mark so to say and they could take what was said and use it as a way to improve what they where doing or know that what they presented was a good step in the right direction.
    But now it is more a matter of putting people or teams on pedestals and wasting astronomical amounts of credits to earn XP to achieve ???????????????????
    That is where I am at a loss what is the goal of the Sweeva Surf Party?????????
    Some use to bring a glass of wine to it I can’t even be bothered to turn up with a coffee I know who Matt is and the team he runs so nothing learnt there.
    Actually for the last month I only see one good thing has come out of the Sweeva Surf Party Norbert makes bloody good splash pages.
    There should be a new rule any team advertising at Sweeva Surf Party loses XP by millions and there team leader exiled for a month for allowing it to happen.
    Gone to find a proper party.

  7. Charlotte says:

    I must agree with Rob.

  8. steven schofield says:

    Hate 1 minute timers that is why i don’t like Sweeva those timers send me crazy, WTG Renegades Norbet splash pages are great, I also agree with what Rob said above too.

  9. Yes Rob certainly has point there. The nature of the surf party changed and I’m not sure if it’s for the good. Me to didn’t see a point in showing up the last few times.

  10. Read & learn Jon …Rob got a point here, and to gameitize the one unique thing by sweeva…might bring it down

  11. Sig says:

    The Sweeva party is more a contest for XP now..(yes ofcause we who do business can understand the reason for that..thats business)

    But totally must agree with Rob (and not anything to do with Matt wanna spend tons of XP to take all over the Sweeva “Party?”)

    But Rob said it all…it aint a as it was where we could join the party for what it was made to be.. in the good old times…

    It all has become more abd more business…and it has become a Few..who can pay it to “rule” it…but again understand that too..as its business… More spent, more sale, more branding too ofcoz, but does it at the end become interesting for members if they maybe if lucky, manage maybe get 1 of theyr hard working desing show in this hour if they can bid that much?

    NO this aint whining at all..business is business..but sometimes maybe smart to not over look the 100,000+ members to have a few favs that gets it all?

    And again NOT whining!! I write about all those who work hard everyday with not much money to try get this going, and without them, there wouldnt be many at all spending time to drive traffic, buy as etc for the TE’s, mailers etc…

    Just something to think about….I write this in respect for ALL members of CTP that keeps the wheels rolling… Give them a chance.

    Again agree with Rob.

    success and respect all.

    Back to my hotel Room 🙂

  12. Marye says:

    I’m in agreement with most of the comments here – it’s kinda gone away from the first incarnation of what the party used to be…needs to change back so that everyone has a fair chance at getting their ads out there.

  13. Sig says:

    Contest is good, but when it has become like this…the fun of it start do kinda “POOF” away…

    As if Sweeva (I allways liked it) had not issues to make people understand it allready…

    And now those who try learn it, and try put up some ads, and maybe even worked as good as they can to make theyr own splashes, dont have a chance coz of the contest that has to do with XP.

    There is many good ways to put in xp, Sweeva Surfparty should be good old Sweeva surfparty.

    Not a : “I got totally most credits, so I can Dominate the party…even by show a ctp team page..”

    No this aint a attack on any, as it has been build so people can do it..even with a 60sec timer… well again some got extra publicity ofcoz..and that can be a good thing…but allso on a edge of many dont feel this is a good thing..

    Just my toughts. Business is business yes..and it will keep be, but hello..business is allso, give people a chance..or am I so totally wrong after so many years online and in other leadershipe/manager work offline?


  14. Karen Kuty says:

    If the rules allow someone to win all the bids for a certain time slot, then more power to he/she who is the first to figure it out and make it work in his/her favor. That’s my opinion.

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