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Promote Your CTP Team While Earning Experience Points

Promote Your CTP Team While Earning Experience Points

You are proud of being in CTP Teams right?

Now you can share that pride with the world.

From today there are shiny, new splash pages for you to promote your team and build your CTP downline in the process.

In fact these are one of the few shiny new objects we actually recommend you promote.

CTP founders splash page link URL

Here’s how:

  • log into CTP and click on the green “Teams” tag
  • locate your team and click on your team name
  • on your team page you will see a link next to the word “promote” and this the URL for your team splash page
  • go promote it
  • earn points
  • become more awesome

This is what our Founders team splash page looks like:

CTP Founders Team Splashpage

And there’s more…just for promoting these special team pages you will get points to improve your ranking within your team and your team’s overall ranking in the league table.

So what are you waiting for?

Tell the world how awesome you are and how awesome your team is.



7 responses to “Promote Your CTP Team While Earning Experience Points”

  1. These splash pages are the Bee’s knees, better than sliced bread and sure as eggs 🙂

    I love the bold simplicity of them and the human face to everything is always a winner in my book

  2. Mary Golon says:

    Great branding in the team splashes. People that are familiar with you tend to be more curious as to what you’re promoting.
    Great way to get them to at least take a look, maybe even bookmark it.

  3. Tony says:

    great splash pages

  4. David McKay says:

    1st – they are excellent splashes.
    2nd – how many points per page promoted?

  5. That the splash pages work is evidenced by the responses I received on Thumb Vu alone.

  6. Shannon Dowden says:

    The splashes are awesome. I am already a member of a team, and still want to click when I see one. 😀

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