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More Than 10,000 Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badges Claimed

More Than 10,000 Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badges Claimed

Bigfoot has now given away more than 10,000 badges and there is no sign of him getting tired as the massive badge hunt enters its final phase.

Tom Wacker on his blog says that “there is time to make a late push…but you better start soon” and he is right.

Sure some of the badges may have been and gone but there are still many badges out there and whether you claimed a badge last week, yesterday or today a badge claim is a badge claim fair and square.

Some badges are easy to find and some are harder than others but that is the way of life with a badge hunt.

Also from Tom and Sunny’s blog it has been interesting to chart the battle which has been going on between between William Miller and Ben Frazier for the most times a badge has been claimed.

William was in the lead with 353 claims for his badge #168 while Ben is not too far behind with 331 claims for badge number #124.

I thought I was doing quite well with 16 claims on my badge but I clearly can’t compete with these two badge giving masters.

Keep going strong everyone…remember that there are some really cool prizes up for grabs including $500 in cash so Bigfoot has a lot more giving to do before he shuts up shop on Sunday.

10 responses to “More Than 10,000 Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badges Claimed”

  1. Lynn M says:

    Been a super hunt. Also thrilled to see that the ratio of badges with no hints has declined a great deal, and compared to the last hunts that had quite a few left with no hints, the handful this time is excellent. Yay!

  2. Happy Bigfoot Badge hunting everyone!

  3. Sig says:

    Oh yeah!!

    Go hunt them all before the “LAW” comes in an stop this type of hunt too…

    We not allowed to hunt TROLLS anymore in norway 🙁

    Success all

  4. Wendy Browning says:

    This has been a very interesting contest and I’m glad that I could be a part of it.

  5. thats a lot of badges 🙂

  6. Karen Kuty says:

    Lots of badges given away but the critical number is who has the most…

  7. Raj G says:


    wow! a milestone reached so fast….!!!!


  8. Stephen Whittle says:

    Lot of badges….well done everyone!

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