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Sweeva Surf Party September 25 In Pictures

Sweeva Surf Party September 25 In Pictures

A bit later than normal, but we always get there in the end. Here is a look at some of the more eye-catching splash pages from the last Sweeva Surf Party.

 CSN Team Sweeva

Screenshot 2014-09-30 17.40.25

Cash Surfing Network used this as their main teams page this week…the warning at the end was correct as CSN had 32 pages shown and this page made up the majority of those views from what I can remember.

SSP Badge #35

SSP Badge #35This was one of a number of pages advertising the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. I have seen a lot of clever pages where people are using the TEs to promote their badges and the offers they have for collectors to gain them.

It is always nice to see topical advertising at the surf party and right now there is nothing more topical than The Bigfoot Badge Hunt.

Kore4 – Best Blend For Your Business

Kore4 best blend splash page

I love these pages and this was my favourite page of the entire evening. Real talent and design skills have gone into this page. It certainly turned heads.

CTP Masters

CTP Masters team video splash

I always look forward to Nick’s videos. This page is a promotion for CTP Masters. Nick says on his video, that CTP Masters may not be the top team in the league but that it is “…the team with the most heart.”

Whether other teams would agree with his sentiments is open to debate but what is not open to debate is that it is a mark of a great team leader to take the time to make a special video message to give his team members such a public pat on the back. Great job.

Bigfoot 1

Bigfoot 1 splash page

This was another page for the Bigfoot Badge Hunt…nice, vibrant colors which make you want to stop and take notice of the page.

CTP Badges

Lynn Bigfoot Badge Hunt video squeeze page

The final page today is a video splash page and yet another page for the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. Lynn’s pages are always good and this is no exception.

Well done to everyone who took part and made the Sweeva Surf Party so much fun…and don’t forget that there is time to collect more badge hunt badges so hunt them down…I know there are some new ones which have recently been uploaded.

See you all at the next Surf Party in a couple of days time.

13 responses to “Sweeva Surf Party September 25 In Pictures”

  1. Lynn M says:

    Why thank you for the inclusion, Patrick! I am humbled and appreciative.

    Norbert’s pages are really rocking – very impressed with the ones Norbert’s putting out there lately. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. steven schofield says:

    Great splash pages, love Norbert’s great work done by him.

  3. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great pages everyone!

  4. Sig says:

    So many good ones..but no doubt what looks most Clear and yes just Beautyfull:

    Kore4 – Best Blend For Your Business


  5. Wendy Browning says:

    wonderful splash pages, wtg everyone.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Awesome splashes.

  7. Good stuff nice to see some creativity showing the way.

  8. Marye says:

    Creativity flows thru these awesome promos – WTG ev1

  9. Very impressive! WTG guys!

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    I always love to see the creative pages from the Sweeva surf party. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Raj G says:


    all very interesting and innovative splash pages…


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