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On Form Alphas Do Double As They Take Weekly And Monthly Prize

On Form Alphas Do Double As They Take Weekly And Monthly Prize

SurfAholics Alphas must really love Sundays…because that is the day that they regularly show their finest form.

This Sunday they did the double by pulling out all the stops to win the weekly and the monthly CTP Teams contests.

In the weekly event it was all about SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers as both teams were locked in battle for most of the week. Walter Mulder’s team lead the pack for most of the week but the slow-and-steady Alphas kept up the pressure and took the lead in the closing hours of the contest.

There was a big gap between the top two teams and third placed Lucky 13 and looking at the “Last Weeks Standings” table we can see that there was a huge battle being played out for the positions of 4-9 overall with only relatively small points differences separating all six teams.

CTP Teams weekly standings on September 29 2014

Bonz Brigade, Empower World Team and The Cash Surfing Network all dropped down a league while Dream Team, CTP Masters and Strays Team Bee all moved up to take their places.

So for the first time we have The Strays and their Bee team in the Premier League at the same time.

CTP Teams Monthly contest standings on 290914

In the monthly contest it was first place for Alphas, second for Lucky 13 and third for Uber Surfers.

No matter where you are in CTP Teams enjoy the week ahead and have fun.

24 responses to “On Form Alphas Do Double As They Take Weekly And Monthly Prize”

  1. Well done & WTG SurfAHolic-Alpha, awesome Strays!

  2. Keith says:

    Relentless from the top teams – well done to all!

  3. and thats why they are the holics

  4. Charlotte says:

    WTG Surfaholics! Well done all teams.

  5. Awesome job Alphas and Ubers! We had our best week ever as a team and still sucked bog water in comparison to those guys. I am very proud of Team Kore 4 for their great week though.

  6. Wendy Browning says:

    What a wonderful thing

  7. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG Winners!

  8. steven schofield says:

    Congrats to all, WTG Ubers we are awesome.

  9. Lynn M says:

    Congratulations Alphas! And Ubers, y’all put up a good fight…

  10. Matt Badura says:

    Congrats to the Uber Surfers in their first full month they took 3rd place, way to start on top, thumbs up.

  11. Abdellah says:

    wtg Kore4 and good luck to all

  12. Sig says:

    1st Congrats to my old Team -Slphas, you did it again. That very good. Congrats.

    And there we came out of nowhere…and climbed to the Top in a week ans did stay there, as fare as I see it we can stay there longer…so do NOT lower your shoulders, coz then we STRIKE! You must be on 24-7 now…somethings i comming in the woods cant you Alphas hear it??

    Well best wishes and thx for a great week

    Success to all


  13. Randy Sult says:

    Great competition. This is getting more fun by the day.

  14. Karen Kuty says:

    WTG! Congratulations to the winners!

  15. marye says:

    WTG to all the teams 🙂

  16. Howard Fullmer says:

    Go team SurfAholics GO GO GO YEAH!!!!!!!!……………….We always win!!!!!!

    • Sig says:

      you lie Howard, we won over your team once this month…lol 😀

      anyway well done Alphas, and Howard 😀 meep meep

      Wanna sing now on SLH?? Love it when you come around with your allways happy personality


  17. Elizabeth says:


  18. Wendy Browning says:

    wtg everyone

  19. Well Done SurfAholics they obviously have more time and methods that Ubers are to learn yet.
    That is if we get the time as many things are happening behind the scenes for Uber Surfers.
    Surf On

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