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Bigfoot Goes Online To Report On Badges Claimed

Bigfoot Goes Online To Report On Badges Claimed

Badges Claimed in Bigfoot Badge Hunt

Bigfoot has gone one step further than just giving away badges…he has been keeping tabs of each one claimed. And right now he has decided to share that information with you too.

Every time a badge is claimed he uses his secret wireless uplink device to contact CTP HQ and the data is then flashed up on the home page of Click Track Profit.

Now, and for the duration of the badge hunt, when you look at the yellow ticker near the top of the screen then you will see how many Badge Hunt badges have been claimed.

Right now it is 4,632 so we are not too far off the 5,000 milestone and we are only three days in.

Of course that is not the only way to track numbers in this badge hunt as Sunny Suggs and Tom Wacker are prodiving daily updates on their unofficial badgehunt blog.

This blog is cool because it tells you when badges are ending or starting or when instructions for claiming are amended and which badges are being claimed the most.

In fact if you are taking part in the Bigfoot Badge Hunt then you really should check out their blog.

Finally for today we have had three one million XP winners so far – one a day so we are right on track – and multiple winners for the 100,000 bonus XP.

One thing which is confusing some people…don’t forget that your Kore4 and team bonuses are added on to the bonus XP you win for these special prizes so the 100,000 prize could easily be one million XP or more.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt million winners

18 responses to “Bigfoot Goes Online To Report On Badges Claimed”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Ahhh more numbers and statistics 🙂
    Tom and Sunny are doing a great job on their badgehunt blog, check it out!

  2. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG Tom and Sunny!

  3. steven schofield says:

    WTG Tom and Sunny another great badge hunt blog.

  4. Lynn M says:

    Bigfoot’s pretty smart for a monster…. who knew Bigfoot was a math whiz? 😀

  5. Sig says:

    What to day…well Impressed by this Bigfoot 😀

  6. Wendy Browning says:

    I like that the bigfoot badges also have xp in them.

  7. Interesting to see this so I can take the fact some are saying they got more than a mil for a badge as total BS. TY

  8. Glenn Witmer says:

    Tom and Sunny always rock this

  9. Keith says:

    So that explains how I got 1,168,000 for claiming a badge the other day!

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    Love the Sunny and Tom blog and love those XP batteries (especially when I found 13 golden eggs and ended up with a million XP on a bigfoot badge)!

  11. Marye says:

    I’m running out of fingers and toes to keep up with your numbers… lol

  12. Raj G says:


    Bigfoot is live..?


  13. Patricia Dean says:

    Joined the blog.

  14. Walter Luís says:

    I hated this new badge Hunt.. Why CTP took out the random cash prizes of $0.25?? They were the main reason people like me did the last badge hunts.. And it’s really sustainable, because CTP received at this badge hunt 181 * $25.00 = around $4,525 (if I didn’t count people which bought more badges and paid less), and it’s only paying back $500.00, leaving around $4,045.00 of profit, more than enough to offer cash prizes plus these “exp prizes”!!! I’m so disappointed and that’s why I didn’t try to get any badge from this badge hunt.. Shame on you this time, CTP… I hope you do a better badge hunt next time, because this one, until now, was lame compared to the 3 previous ones.. =/

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