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A Crazy Day Two

A Crazy Day Two

It’s been a crazy start to the ClickTrackProfit team experience. Today we added even more teams to the mix as leaders joined and started their own squads with the hope of capturing the first weeks prizes.

There is a fantastic battle brewing and rivalry between the top spot SurfAholics and Crazy Cats People. Both squads added tens of thousands of points today and have been jockeying for position all day long.

Not to be outdone are high scoring threats, Lucky13 (with the most Kore4 members per squad) and The Cash Surfing Network.

What will Day 3 bring?

It looks like the Cash Surfing Network are planning on adding another franchise to the mix.

It’s going to be an intriguing middle of the week.

Let’s see how it all plays out….

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  1. You will see the surprise for the Bonz Brigade Team!!!

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