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Feedback Required – StartXchange Power Surf Event

Feedback Required – StartXchange Power Surf Event

CTP Teams SX Event

So we have reached the end of the first 24-hour “event” at CTP Teams – the StartXchange Power Surf Event.

We want to know what you thought of it…whether you thought it was good, bad or indifferent we want to hear your views.

Was it easy to understand? Did you take part? If so did you enjoy it and if not why not?

Is this something you would like to see repeated again and, if so, how often?

Did it compliment your other team activity or did it cause you problems.

What other sort of “events” would you like to see within CTP Teams?


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve fixed a few bugs and tweaked a few things. With the exception of this week, we’ll only be doing events once a week at the most. This first event was to test and get feedback. The next event will start Friday and end Monday, full details coming soon 😉 #whereisbigfoot

42 responses to “Feedback Required – StartXchange Power Surf Event”

  1. Sunny Suggs says:

    Yes yes I loved it! I liked seeing my progress, and the team’s progress on the CTP page!

  2. It was a good idea, but the bonus did not appear to work correctly, or at all.

  3. As Terry said, no bonus was shown in team page as usual and it was hard to track 10% individual scores.
    As Sunny said, it was nice to see the progress (in an annoying position, whatever lol).

  4. Lynn M says:

    I think most everyone our team participated (the active surfers anyway) and liked it. Not sure I would want to see one of these more than once or twice a week though.

    As for anything else, I’ll just re-post the feedback I left in comments yesterday on the post announcing the event:

    1. It’d be nice to see a start/stop time on the bar itself. If it weren’t for the blog post that announced the event, I’d have had no idea when it was gonna end and how much time I had left to do it.

    2. Move the bar somewhere else. Not sure exactly where, but it kept getting in my way while surfing today of stuff I wanted to be able to see (like how much XP a golden egg was worth, and most everything else).

    Less important, but worth throwing out there I think maybe:

    3. Perhaps lowering the goal a little bit – it’s awfully hard some days to get the Daily Challenge alone done (especially on the horrific days when there’s two DCs), much less yet another. I know they’re all optional, but those of us who are especially active want to be able to contribute as much as we can to our team, so piling on more is a little daunting on some levels.

  5. I agree with Terry did not seem to work for me either, but a great idea

  6. Edib Ridic says:

    Interesting leverage, but bonuses did not work! So I do not see any sense if that is not fixed! Thank you!

  7. Personally I seen little to no benefit individually or team wise for the effort. Probably because our team reached the team goal of 10k with only 3 minutes left. HA!

    Idea is good. Benefit to effort not so much, not everyone has the luxury of being at computer surfing 24/7

    Some people have kingships to look after, daily challenge, and the other 100 promo’s going on in the community

    • Oh one more thing. I know its against TimTech policy but would it kill you to give a little advance notice so people/teams could plan.

      I was a little shocked we have like a week to plan for the Bigfoot Badge Hunt, which is good otherwise I’d not be participating. Naturally that would be much more effective.

      • Shelayne says:

        I was going to suggest the same thing.

        • Patrick Griffin says:

          Hi Jeremiah/Shelayne

          Tim wanted to to a big event ahead of the Bigfoot Badge Hunt – see the post on this blog for a separate post on that – and this was, in effect, a live test to iron out the bugs.

          We are not totally against of giving notice of things but sometimes, well quite often actually, things happen very quickly in the Kingdom which is Tim of Tech.

  8. Ken Wolff says:

    I liked it but was unsure of how SX roll over ti the new day effected the goal of surfing 1,000 pages. Had too much other stuff going on to take full advantage of it but know several of our active team members were excited about it.

  9. john says:

    enjoyed reading the comments

  10. Mike says:

    Agreed that it seemed a great idea. But, progress bar wasn’t tracking my clicks.

    I’m a Chrome user, if that helps. I know web apps can work differently depending on browser…

    I’m all for trying it again!!!

  11. I finished it yesterday, but can’t say I noticed an individual bonus kick in.

    It didn’t look like teamwise or sitewise there were enough people able to complete it to make a difference.

    From the XP perspective, it seems like golden eggs with multipliers directly under our control are more lucrative.

  12. paul brown says:

    what event i did not now there was an event

  13. I saw it to late but looked excellent.

  14. Tom Wacker says:

    I really like the idea. We saw it early, the Lucky 13 mobilized and was probably the first team to 10,000.

    For nothing. No team bonus, and if there was an individual bonus I couldn’t detect it. I really don’t think there was.

    Which leaves the overall bonus. For our excellent hustle and aggression we got the exact same bonus as Team Meteoric Rise. Who obviously did absolutely nothing.

    I like the idea, but the bonus program needs some work.

    • Matt Badura says:

      I agree with Tom our multiplier data was constantly checked and there was no changes to it when we completed the individuals the team or when it all reset. Wasted effort it felt like for a few.

  15. Wayne Joseph says:

    I love the idea but didn’t feel it made that much of a difference in how much we earned for completing the event. I would love to see a team match up like the brackets from ILH added to this feature. Would bring great friendly competition and even more rewards. Overall, participated and will continue to participate with new, creative and fun features to CTP.

  16. Virginia says:

    I like the bonus from all of CTP completing it but I did not like being unable to see my bonus. For smaller teams, having a DC to complete on top of the event means the 10K is barely achievable.

    I agree with Lynn though. All the surfing to get points is overwhelming even though it’s beneficial to teams that need the extra bonus.

  17. Karen says:

    I thought it was a great idea I participated and would definitely participate in any future events – however I think the clash with the badge hunt might have diminished some of the interest there may otherwise have been if it had happened after the badge hunt.

    I will echo what others have said about not noticing any difference in bonus’s, or team standing though.

    I would also have liked to see a timer on the bar and maybe have the bar in startxchange rather than in the ctp area.

    I think maybe badges awarded when milestones are met.

    Maybe the events could be instead of the daily challenge rather then as well as.

    Once a week or even once a month would be enough for me.

    Despite the minor criticism all in all I think it’s a winner 🙂

  18. Myra P says:

    It was interesting, and nice to see the progress bar, just in an awkward position in CTP. And agree that too many challenges in a day and/or 24 hour period needs to be reasonable for people that do not have anything to do except to surf all day. Much appreciation though for all the great work that TimTech does to keep its members engaged.

  19. Andrew Stark says:

    Loved it, first time I claimed a 1000 badge.


  20. Mandy Moomy says:

    saw it too late and was cut off at 903 I think but then went on to complete the 1000 badge anyway.

    I agree there wasn’t enough notice or ease of seeing time remaining – but I would compete again.

  21. Joao Ramos says:

    Loved it. It was awesome to see the progress of our team.
    Like Lynn said, it may be hard to do when there are more than one DC (sometimes it can be hard with one DC also – there are some folks that can’t surf all day).

    Yes, i would like to see this events again (not all days)!

  22. I think this is a fun addition to everything else. I would have liked to see the individual bonus show up where it was displaying the overall bonus, though.

    Maybe there are just a few kinks to work out, but please keep new things coming!

    Patrick Doolin

  23. Stephen Whittle says:

    Did we even get bonuses? Need a notification on the page that the bonuses have been awarded when we reach the goals.

  24. Honestly I didn’t like it at all.
    Firstly, it was announced very late. If you ever do this again announce it days before instead of the day itself so teams can prepare.
    Secondly, do it as a Daily Challenge. To many things going on at the same time are asking to much of “average surfers”.
    Set smaller goals for the teams.

  25. Right – it was great to have something added that did not work.

  26. john says:


  27. Serge Cote says:

    Yes, it’s a good idea to boost team work. 🙂 Should be at least once a week.

  28. Patricia Dean says:

    I participated, but didn’t notice a bonus & it just took too long, as I am not a surfaholic. I get much more out of egg badges. Not enough on our team was able to participate. 1,000 pages just far too much for us.

  29. marye says:

    Fun in seeing the tracking numbers but percentage bonuses did not show anywhere so it was hard to know whether it was working or not – agree with other members that the goal should be lowered – 500 views seems like a max that is achievable

  30. Wendy Browning says:

    I liked it very much, although I got caught up with the dc and egg sites and forgot about it, and yes I know that there is a progress bar but for some reason I kept thinking that I had till midnight to finish but only had till 1 pm, next time I’ll do better. Lol. But yes it was an awesome idea and I look forward to more.

  31. Karen Kuty says:

    I think it’s a great idea but needed a little more advance promotion before implementation, so teams could plan a little better. As a surfer, the location of the tracking bar was poor. It would be better if it could be moved or minimized.

  32. definitely think it supports the inner competitor

  33. I think it would be better if after completing this challenge we got a special badge for that together with a decent amount of XP. It was like an extra Daily Challenge after all. And in general, I would like to see an extra badge at CTP which every member will be able to claim after completing the Daily Challenge. To make it even more interesting, I would suggest to have Daily Challenge tiered badges, call them team Daily Challenge badges and be tier one if 5 team mebers complete the DC, tier two at 10 members, tier three at 15 members, tier four at 20 members and tier 5 at 25 members. If these tiered badges will be loaded with truckloads of XP, then the activity within the teams will skyrocket!

  34. steven schofield says:

    It was not great as mentioned above the bonuses did not work and we did all that surfing for litte reward, egg collecting is better to many DC’s in a day is off putting for some.

  35. What a great great idea indeed.

  36. Things are evolving. How many hours are there in a day? 😀

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