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Bigfoot Badge Hunt – Badge Holders Do This Now

Bigfoot Badge Hunt – Badge Holders Do This Now

I am sure we all know that the BigFoot Badge Hunt starts on Monday…so if you have a badge or badges in the contest then you will need to let people know how to claim them.

Thankfully this is all very straightforward. For each badge all you have to do is:

  1. Decide what you want badge hunters to do to get your badge
  2. Post clear instructions on what they have to do
  3. Explain how the badge will be awarded.

If you don’t know how to do this then I will walk you through it now.

First go to the Bigfoot Badge Hunt main page where all the instructions to claim the 180 badges in the contest can be found.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt main page

If you have a badge/badges in the contest then the page will tell you how many you have. Next click on the words “Click here” in the sentence which says “Click here to edit your links.”

You will be taken to a new page with an empty text box and this is where you tell people how to claim your badge.

Enter the text you want to display and hit save. As you can see, for my badge I have just entered some holding text for now and I will update it before the contest goes live.

The empty box looks like this and with the text added it looks like the image below…

Bigfoot Badge Hunt add text for claiming box Bigfoot Badge Hunt add text for claiming box 1

So right now if you were to click on my badge on the main Bigfoot Badge Hunt page you would see the text I have just entered.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt badge page

It is VITAL that you fill in this page before the badge hunt starts, otherwise nobody will be able to claim your badge.

In addition if you are linking it to a squeeze or splash page or outside website then make sure that all the links are taking people where you want them to go and that the opt in box (if you have one) is set up properly.

If you are adding people to a list then do you have emails queued up and ready to go out to people when they join your list?

If you are taking people to an offer then is the correct offer in place and do all the payment buttons work as you want them to?

Here are some other examples from the badge claim page.

Holding text – the badge holder has not yet updated the claim page for this badge.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Walter Mulder

Holding text but with some clues as to what you will need to do…

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badge 25 info

You’re too early holding text from Val…

Bigfoot Badge Hunt 164 holding text

Badge claim information completed and ready to go…

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badge 165

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badge 73

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Badge 51 details

And finally…don’t try to claim any badges before Monday as the contest does not start until then.

18 responses to “Bigfoot Badge Hunt – Badge Holders Do This Now”

  1. marye says:

    Anxiously waiting for this to start – going to be lots of fun 🙂

  2. Ken Wolff says:

    Looking forward to this…doing what will increase your success will earn you my badge. Communication is the most important part of that. Start now to line up your 1st badge available Monday, September 22nd.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Yes, This will be awesome

  4. Raj G says:


    Quite interesting affair..!


  5. steven schofield says:

    Can’t wait for it to start.

  6. Virginia says:

    Still making some final decisions for badges :).

  7. Lynn M says:

    Exciting stuff! Can’t wait for it to start 🙂

  8. Thanks for reminding. I’ll look at it this weekend.

  9. Sig says:

    working on it..5 to go…lol..thats the 5 we have..

    I really think this will be fun!!

    Back to the …I dont know what I go back too..but soon our SLH badges start get hints.

  10. Patricia Dean says:

    Have fun with the badge hunt, everyone

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    I’m looking forward to the badge hunt–usually a lot of goodies and promos going on at the same time.

  12. Looking forward to hunt those awesome badges.

  13. very very interesting stuff

  14. Ken Wolff says:

    Click on my name to find your 1st badge!

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