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There Will Be 180 Badges To Collect In The Bigfoot Badge Hunt

There Will Be 180 Badges To Collect In The Bigfoot Badge Hunt

Bigfoot Badge Hunt new logo screenshot 1

Bigfoot must surely be running scared now because the hunt is almost upon us. From Monday a potential squad of more than 100,000 trackers will be on his trail and many are are seasoned badge hunters.

This time round there are 180 badges in the contest. Collect the most badges and not only will you become a CTP Bigfoot Badge Hunt legend but you will also get a $500 cash bounty for your efforts. If there is a tie for top slot then the bounty will be shared between all the top collectors.

If you have badges in the hunt then now is the time to decide what you want people to do in order to collect them.

Some have already decided, some are yet to decide. Yesterday in TELive we helped Carl Davies work out what to do with his…he is going to use it for list building.

It was great to hear so many members of the TELive community offer support, suggestions and tips for Carl to follow to maximize his chances of building his list during this promotion.

If you are stuck for ideas then you can do what Carl did. Just come along to TELive today and ask for suggestions. But do it today or it will be too late.

Interestingly as I write this post I notice that Tony Tezak from Tezak Traffic Power has already decided what he plans to do with his two badges…there will be one for surfing and one for referring new members.

I know because Tony tweeted this out…and if you have badges in the Bigfoot Badge Hunt then feel free to tweet out what you are doing too. Use the hashtag #BigfootBadgeHunt if you do.

This badge hunt will be enormous fun…unless you are Bigfoot of course.

The hunt is nearly on.

24 responses to “There Will Be 180 Badges To Collect In The Bigfoot Badge Hunt”

  1. Kathy Dyer says:

    I look forward to the hunt. Last hunt I met a lot of new people in this online world.

  2. Karen says:

    Evelyn Team wealth builders Leader got us 2 Badges! Awesome Can’t Wait. πŸ™‚

  3. Last year I was totally clueless about hunts like the Bigfoot Badge Hunt … this time I will be good and raring to go!

  4. Rob P. says:

    Only 180 gee Elina will get bored πŸ™

  5. steven schofield says:

    Looking forward to the hunt,we will have to try and beat Elina lol.

  6. john says:

    checking to see who,s got them already up

  7. Matt Badura says:

    Yeah this is going to be awesome

  8. Looking forward for the spectacular moment!

  9. Patricia Dean says:

    Good luck to everyone.

  10. Charlotte says:

    This will be awesome!

  11. Woohoo yay Yipee hip hip hurray

  12. Wendy Browning says:

    Oh what fun it is to hunt, for badges.

  13. Lynn M says:

    Other than knowing how exhausted I’m gonna be for the coming two weeks (this being the third badge hunt I’ll have participated in), I am really looking forward to it and getting excited about it – especially as far as finding out how the teams aspect of it this time is gonna be! Bring it on!

  14. Glenn Witmer says:

    The Hunts are always crazy fun

  15. Karen Kuty says:

    Good luck to everyone but Bigfoot (and I hope Nessie is not jealous).

  16. John Brewer says:

    Always interesting to see what TimTech comes up with next.

    I hope that we all see the marketing advantage in all of this. I’m trying my best to adjust and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves with things like this.

    At the moment I cannot afford to buy badges, but I can certainly make sure my ads are in rotation in the places they need to be.

    Great job TimTech.

  17. Elina Balashova says:

    Rob! hahahaha it is never boring!

  18. Raj G says:


    This would be another interesting hunt….!!!


  19. Mandy Moomy says:

    getting excited about this one πŸ™‚

  20. Sig says:

    This I believe will the Biggest (foot) Hunt ever in timtech/CTP History!

    And we are ready…atleast close to READY!

    The 5 bigfoot badges are taking form, where and how to get them at SeaLifeHits!

    I believe this is going to become Fun, Exciting and a Hard and Awesome “battle!”Β¨

    When Bigfoot Dip his toes into the sea, I just hope that the Mermaids and Turtles not Get Dizzy of the Big Toes πŸ˜‰

    Best wishes and success to ALL, members and TEAMS!


  21. way to go Tony, hope to surf at TTP and also do some referring.

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