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CTP Teams – Two Leagues But Three Tables

CTP Teams – Two Leagues But Three Tables

A number of people have asked about the way team placings are displayed on CTP Teams so let’s have a look at the different ways of displaying rankings.

First of all there are three different views for looking at team rankings:

  1. Overall – shows Premier and Competitive League team rankings
  2. Premier League – shows only Premier League team rankings
  3. Competitive League – shows only Competitive League rankings

So in any given week every team in CTP Teams will be shown in two of the three tables.

It follows that each team can have up to two rankings at any given time.

For example:

Right now this is how the Premier League looks – these are the ten Premier League teams ranked in order of the number of team points they have.

Premier League screenshot

However it does not follow that the top ten teams in the Premier League will also be the top ten teams overall in the competition.

This is because there could be teams in the Competitive League who have more team points and thus they will be ranked higher overall.

CTP Teams Top Ten Overall

Looking at the screenshot above it can be seen that when the still was taken Empower World Team and SurfAholics Bravo were in sixth and tenth places overall. They didn’t show in the Premier League table as they are in the Competitive Team but their high team points totals put them in the top ten when ranked by all teams in CTP Teams.

Competitive League top ten in CTP Teams

Looking at the Competitive League (above) probably gives the best way of illustrating this point.

It can be seen that the current top three in the Competitive League are:

  1. Empower World Team
  2. SurfAholics Bravo
  3. Kore4

These points totals are enough to get them top three slots in their league but when compared with all the teams in competition from both leagues it is a different picture and over all the three teams come in like this:

6. Empower World Team

10. SurfAholics Bravo

11. Kore4

So most teams will have two positions at any given time. Technically all teams will always have two positions – their position in their own league and their position overall – but for some teams (those at the very top for example) this number is likely to be the same in each case.

For teams in the Competitive League whose points totals are lower than the tenth placed team in the Premier League then their overall ranking will always be their current ranking in the Competitive League plus ten.


17 responses to “CTP Teams – Two Leagues But Three Tables”

  1. marye says:

    this now makes more sense (to me)

  2. Thank You!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!! U know from our talk this am I was so totally not understanding this and this is a huge help……. GREAT JOB……

  3. Rob P. says:

    Now I am confused 🙂 NOT LMAO @ Brenda

  4. steven schofield says:

    Makes sort of sense i think.

  5. Mr. Linden always do the best. Salute!

  6. Patricia Dean says:


  7. Kendra Morgan says:

    Someone is definitely over thinking these things.

  8. Charlotte says:

    So clear that it confuses me 🙂

  9. Thank you for explaining. I remember how it confused me in the beginning

  10. Lynn M says:

    Interesting…. I’m gonna have to review this again a few times I think. Stuff like this I usually leave up to Tom or Boris to explain to me, LOL.

  11. Glenn Witmer says:

    I’m still going to have to pull out my abacus and try to figure this all out

  12. Karen Kuty says:

    I understood it before–good thing I wasn’t relying on this to explain it to me. Sorry–pop out, not a home run this time.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Ok here is the headline version to see if that helps.

      Each week the teams are ranked according to how many team points they have. The more team points the higher the ranking.

      The overall ranking is simply where all the teams are from highest to lowest in terms of weekly team point.

      The Premier League ranking is the same but just for Premier League Teams.

      The Competitive League ranking is the same but just for Competitive League Teams.


  13. So confusing, I might need to take some “Mind Works”

  14. Ken Wolff says:

    I do not even try to understand the points…I just keep doing what I can to change the red minus to a plus green…I like red but mostly on Patriotic Friday! 😀

  15. these leagues looks similar to the English football league lol.

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