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A Tale Of Two Teams

A Tale Of Two Teams

I wrote earlier how SurfAholics Bravo had suffered a dip in form of late and told how the unlucky 13 members were dropped from the team.

Since then…wow. I mean…wow.

SurfAholics Bravo and Beginners and Team Members position


We are back in the top three of the Competitive League – a leap of nine places – and this is with just 11 members.

So how could this be? We are much smaller than ever but stronger. Well that is because the people on the team want to be there and are working harder than they did before to make it work.

Now we want more people just like that to do exactly the same and we will hopefully be able to challenge for, and be able to stay in the Premier League.

If you look at the table above another team also stands out…BEGINNERS and TEAM Members who are up six places from 12th to sixth.

They have a full team of 25 and sources close to the team tell me that they are also really pulling together as a team and working on getting people active and focused.

There may be no “I” in team but without individuals working together there can be no team either.


11 responses to “A Tale Of Two Teams”

  1. What an awesome post. Course I might be a litte prejudice. AND we are even more focused now. Look out top 10 Speaking for all of our active, focused team members
    Patsy j Payne
    konnektions konsultant
    CTP Team Leader

  2. Rob P. says:

    This dos’nt surprise me have a look at what some teams with only 2 to 10 members can do, now a full team working together can go all the way to the top that has been proved. The top spot only puts you closer to an Asylum than others that have more of a life.
    Back to the grindstone šŸ™‚

  3. steven schofield says:

    Awesome stuff u guys.

  4. Patricia Dean says:

    Great work

  5. Charlotte says:

    It is about quality not quantity.

  6. WTG Surfaholics B. See you in the Premier League soon

  7. Lynn M says:

    Much like I said yesterday, sometimes a little bit of a shakeup can do a team a world of good. WTG!

  8. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations on revitalizing your team. WTG!

  9. Glenn Witmer says:

    Great work u guys and all the team

  10. It is truly teamwork that maters!

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