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When The Unlucky 13 Get The Axe…

When The Unlucky 13 Get The Axe…

All good things must come to an end and the Unlucky 13 have had their time.

They were not doing as much as perhaps they could have done so it was time to move on.

Now before Tom Wacker starts accusing me of some dodgy reporting here, I am referring to some recent happenings over at SurfAholics Bravo – a team which has been reduced from 25 to just 12 members.

In what must be the single biggest shake up ever seen at CTP Teams, it was decided to remove 13 of the members from the team.

Thankfully I was not one of the Unlucky 13 so I live to fight, or surf, another day.

I know that the decision was not taken lightly – nobody likes to remove people from a team – but the simple fact of the matter is that not all of the team were taking their membership seriously.

When a team goes from being a regular challenger for the Top Ten overall each week to struggling to make 20th place overall then it is clear that something is wrong.

SurfAholics Bravo position in Competitive League

Right now we are sitting in 22nd place overall – one place down on last week – and this slide, it was felt, could not be allowed to continue.

Some may say the action was a bit drastic, some may say that it was unfair but it was clear that something needed to be done and done quickly.

Can the Bravos challenge for the Premier League again? Well time will tell but I certainly think that the potential is there.

Obviously with 12 members it is not going to be easy but with 25 team players who all want to pull in the same direction then it can certainly happen.

Maybe you could play your part in the new look SurfAholics Bravo team…as of now there are 13 places up for grabs.

Interested? Then team leader Jennifer Washburn is the person to get in contact with.

Cull sees SurfAholics Bravo down to 12 members

17 responses to “When The Unlucky 13 Get The Axe…”

  1. Matt Badura says:

    All for the better I think.

  2. Big changes can announce big results.Reconstructing teams happen in all teams around the world,whether is football,companies or CTP Teams.But all changes and force measures are taken for sure for improvement.

  3. Wendy Browning says:

    Good lucky 13 to all of you..

  4. Stephen Whittle says:

    Watch out….they’ll be moving up again now.

  5. steven schofield says:

    Good luck Bravo.

  6. Gary Calvert II says:

    Congrats on surviving the cut. Yes, the team should be better in the coming weeks. Good luck to you all.

  7. Sig says:

    Good luck indeed and much success.

    UberTeam – Caring and sharing.

  8. Hmm smart. I hope they’ll find some stronger members to get back in the premier league. Wait…what… why two SurfAholic teams in the premier league (oh oh, will Matt send me that special “it’s not fair badge” code again lol) Good luck to both of their teams 🙂

  9. all I can say is Indulge Yourself every day

  10. Myra P says:

    All change is good even though some do not like change…Rock On CTP Teams!

  11. Lynn M says:

    Sometimes a team (or leader) has to make hard decisions for the betterment of the entire team overall, and this sounds like one of them. I don’t know Jennifer super well but we are acquainted, and I think she’s a super smart cookie and will continue to take the Bravos where they need to go. Best of luck to you all (and the Alphas too LOL)…

  12. Well that’s all about “the strategy” 🙂

  13. Karen Kuty says:

    It all comes down to what the goals of the team are–if you, as a member, are not meeting the level of participation expected by the team, then you should expect to be removed. As long as it is clear what you are expected to do, then there should be no hard feelings. The team leader needs to watch out for the health of the team.

  14. Marye says:

    it’s all in the team play and strategy…

  15. Patricia Dean says:

    Tough decisions

  16. Ken Wolff says:

    Making room for improvements!

  17. Rob P. says:

    Culling must mean non team players shucks. Time is telling

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