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Cash Surfing Network Dominates Sweeva Surf Party

Cash Surfing Network Dominates Sweeva Surf Party

If you were at yesterday’s Sweeva Surf Party then you will most certainly recognize this page…

Return of Team CSN Splash Page

In the hour-long surf party the page was shown a record-breaking 50 times…no wonder CSN did not seem too bothered about my offer to start them off with one extra team page credit.

They had clearly set out to dominate the party and that is what they did…from start to finish.

The page was the very first one shown and then it cropped up again, and again and again. “Return of Team CSN” it said and the message came through loud and clear.

Their main rivals for the last few surf parties Lucky 13 came in second but they were a long away behind with just 22 page views.

I think we were not very far past the half way mark when it was more or less clear that CSN had the team event all but wrapped up. The main battle was for second and third place with Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha neck and neck all night. The Alphas came in third with just two page views less than their rivals.

I have to give a special mention to SAA leader Matt Badura and Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin who decided to set me a challenge during the surf party and not tell me anything about it in advance.

Val and Matt decided it would be good to try and confuse me by putting two team logos on the same splash page to see if it would put me off or confuse me (I am easily confused after all.)

However I thought it was a great idea and awarded each team one point each – so well done Val and Matt for making another first for the Sweeva Surf Party.

This is the page they showed…

Matt and Val Return squeeze pageTeam Winners:

1. CSN – 50 page views

2. Lucky 13 – 22 page views

3. SurfAholics Alpha – 20 page views

Individual Winners:

1. Matt Badura – 10 page views

2. Jeremiah Johnson – 9 page views

3. Sabrina Traversa – 8 page views


Sweeva Surf Party score card from September 11 2014

22 responses to “Cash Surfing Network Dominates Sweeva Surf Party”

  1. Great Sweeva Surf Party! wtg to all winners! we were hoping for 10 points each for creativity but one point was good also 🙂

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      haha – your creativity was certainly noted – you two don’t need points as an incentive to be creative anyway!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hunters and Winners …wtg you all 🙂

  3. Great SSP. Lot of fun and learning. I’m, proud of our team’s(CTP Masters) performance and our new team splash pages. Should see more of us around and about I would think.


  4. Lynn M says:

    I can’t unsee Marcus in the Princess Leia outfit!!!

    Ken as Yoda is awesome tho.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I loved Star Wars as a kid…me and my best friend fought about being princess Leia…now its all ruined. But it’s an awesome splash 🙂

  6. Boris says:

    I wondered why are Legacy so stingy with credits lately … now I know … they hoarded them for the Sweeva Surf Party 😉

  7. lol hilarius marcus as princess lea my eyes are burning

  8. Sig says:

    Looks like a good party time there..

    Me myself couldnt be there as of Serious family stuff.

    Success and be blessed all. Take care of yourself, Family and then business.

  9. steven schofield says:

    Congrats to csn for winning the sweeva surf party love Marcus as Princess Leia well funny.

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    I had no idea Marcus looks so good in a gold bikini–the things I miss since I cannot attend the Sweeva surf parties. Too bad, so sad.

  11. Raj G says:


    Congrats to all winners at Sweeva Surf Party.

    A special Thumbs Up for my teammate Jeremiah for the win and excellent display of creativity and teamwork.


  12. marye says:

    great party & awesome splashes – wtg to ev1

  13. Wendy Browning says:

    great job

  14. […] splash pages shown during the Sweeva Surf Party – I have already highlighted some in the last post I wrote but here are some more that I really […]

  15. Patricia Dean says:

    Great splashes.

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