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Talking Numbers – How Teams Stand Right Now

Talking Numbers – How Teams Stand Right Now

Another exciting weekly challenge is building up to yet another dramatic conclusion at CTP Teams.

CTP teams leaderboard

Last week’s leaders SurfAholics Alpha are back on top of the Premier League but Lucky 13 have jumped two places to second spot and could – with some concerted team work – take it from them.

Crazy Cats, down one to three, are within a whisker of Lucky 13, but it would really take a huge amount of work for the mid-table teams to be in the running this week.

Wake Up Now, Team Green and my team, SurfAholics Bravo, are in the relegation zone and while the other two teams could climb up the rankings, I feel that the Bravo boys and girls will be Competitive League players by Monday.


A very strong performance from CTP Masters has virtually assured them a spot in the Premier League next week but they will have to raise their game if they are to survive at the higher level.

Interestingly the other two teams to go up could be any from the top ten, or even lower, as the points spread is very even down to 12th place Nerdbirds.

However while Nerdbirds could certainly soar higher in the Competitive League, I can’t see them being ready for Premier League stardom just yet.

CTP Teams top players

Finally Matt Badura leads up the Top 100 Players leaderboard at time of writing…only Sunny is anywhere close to his total and just looking at this Top Ten on the player leaderboard shows the people who really are leading by example.

In fact well done to everyone on CTP Teams – compete, co-operate and have fun while you build your business and widen your personal horizons.

I am off to watch Derby County take on Queens Park Rangers at Wembley tomorrow. I will let you know how we get on next week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

39 responses to “Talking Numbers – How Teams Stand Right Now”

  1. Kris Rogers says:

    How do people get all those XP points? Ahhh thats right you get 10K XP per point spent! That “bonus” has only just begun! Its going to be a very interesting couple of days.

  2. And sometimes, we are just that good! Go SurfAholics! LMAO

    • Evelyn Kramer says:

      Doing the daily tasks and surfing has kept our tiny team steady at #20 but we are working at it. LOL Good Job SurfAholics.

  3. Good job Matt and everybody in the TEAM!! Go SurfAholics!!

  4. We are working on our game Patrick. The CTP Masters are a committed bunch ready to move up and on.


  5. Debb Lafevre says:

    Job well done to all the teams!

  6. Madolyn Joseph says:

    Good Job and Lucky13 keep doing it a job well done

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    It’s certainly going to be an interesting next few days.

  8. Matt Badura says:

    Team work consistency, and dedication. Our entire team is doing great, and no worries Patrick the Bravo team will be back in premier in week 5.

  9. Interesting… So, get to work, fellows, the fight continue

  10. Good job everybody on the TEAM!! Go SurfAholics!!

  11. Kudos to all the clickers! Do what you can and have fun!

  12. Tom Wacker says:

    Nice article Patrick. The first to second bulge is large, but Lucky 13 isn’t done for the week, I can promise you that.

    Compete, co operate, devise and dominate. That’s from the team that never sleeps.

  13. Sunny Suggs says:

    **Glaring at Matt**

  14. Donna says:

    Great job Teams!! everyone is doing great well done lucky 13….but Surfaholics A will keep on fighting to defend our title! 😉

  15. Sig says:

    Interesting reading.

    And wonderfull to see our TeamLeader at the top of the list. Deserve it for hard work, and good leadership!

    Best of luck to all teams.

  16. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Well done all teams! Go Lucky 13!

  17. Mandy Moomy says:

    lots of info to digest – go Bonz Brigade!!

  18. Lynn M says:

    Awesome job to all the teams! And for the record, Lucky 13 was in the #1 spot for a while Thursday night. 😀

  19. Jon Olson says:

    Let’s go Renegades….We need a top 5 placing!!!!!

  20. Buffalo weather may be trying to help my team out. It got cold and nasty outside, making staying warm and indoor activities like surfing and commenting on blogs seem like the thing to do.

  21. Myra P says:

    For Week 3 there has been alot of position jockeying this week…really exciting to see

  22. Some massive experience being gained there 🙂

  23. Virginia Herron says:

    What a HUGE shift. Ah well, I guess we tried?

  24. Tony says:

    Keep it up Lucky13

  25. Stephen Whittle says:

    Have a great weekend Patrick! Go Lucky 13!

  26. Good job everyone. Don’t look back we are coming the special folks of Team Kore4, you can hear the Kore of our reactor starting to buzz and hum

  27. Neil says:

    So, it’s a K4 concentrated team who will always be on top. I’m just giving an idea here, how about giving it a twist. :p

  28. Who what of thought this TEAM Idea would be this HOT! I really love this new competition! GO Crazy Cats Team… I love collecting the XP points now… We now have a reason to collect them. We need CRAZY CATS Team to be in first again!

  29. Patricia Hedge says:

    Great post thank you! SurfAholics are a great committed group!

  30. Elina Balashova says:

    Three members from the Lucky 13 are in the Top 10!!! Way to gooooooooo!!!

  31. Boris says:

    And … the plot thickens 😀

  32. Howard Fullmer says:

    My team rocks go SurfAholics-Alpha

  33. Gary Calvert II says:

    How do you “spend points”?

  34. John Brewer says:

    I would like to congratulate each and every CTP Team. Let’s remember to have fun and also to network with one another.

    By the way…. Team Lucky 13 ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  35. Well done everyone!
    Bonz Brigade may not have made the top 3, but we keep crawling up point by point!

  36. Howard Fullmer says:

    This is fun

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