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Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures – one

Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures – one

Let’s face it, you thought I had forgotten about showing some of the great pages from Thursday’s Sweeva Surf Party.

Actually I hadn’t forgotten, but there has been so much going on at CTP Teams that this is the very first opportunity I have had to get this written.

In the later part of last week, no sooner did I think I had caught up with all the news then something else new would happen. (Actually I have a feeling that this week could be the same.)

So the SSP was another huge success, you can see all the winners here, but these are some the pages which stood out for me.

#Lucky 13 BeeCatsz Welcome

Lucky13 welcomes beecatz splash page

Humor always works well on a splash page…as long as you get it right. The problem with humor is that the other guy may not get it and wonder what the heck you are going on about.

In this page Lucky13 have got it spot on…it is great to know that so many people in CTP Teams have a great sense of humor. This was a really funny page, I bet even an amoeba would laugh at this page.

CSN Team Splash


CSN Team Splash pageThe new football season has begun in the US and it is something every sports fan is talking about. CSN rebranded themselves Team CSN and rebranded the rest of their competion the “Other Guys” for this splash page to take advantage of the fact that football is a hot topic right now.

Keeping things relevant and topical means your pages will get noticed.

CTP Fantasy Football

CTP Fantasy Football splash pageCSN wasn’t the only team taking advantage of the new football season starting as this page from Lucky13 shows.

“Jon Olson Really Does Suck At Fantasy Football,” screams the headline and there is a helpful video embedded on the page just to ram the message home. Very funny indeed.

For people who ask “What is the point of the SSP?”, well one of its functions is to allow interaction like this. Yes, you could randomly run this page in traffic exchanges and surely Jon would see it, but to run it at the SSP that Jon is hosting…now that is attention grabbing indeed.

Join A New Team

Uber Surfers Join A New Team splash page

Nobody can doubt that Uber Surfers are on a roll right now and it was the first time seeing them really out in force at the Sweeva Surf Party. Not quite strong enough yet to challenge Lucky13 or CSN for the top two prize slots but they did take third place by pushing SurfAholics Alpha into fourth by one point.

@TheTEGuy #sucks

JOn Olson sucks splash page from Boris

This is the page that earned Lucky13 an extra team point for the SSP…and, of course, Lucky13 won by just one point. It is a great page, which was put together really quickly, and was just right. Interestingly, to even things up a bit, I offered CSN the chance to get an extra team point for this week’s SSP by sending me a “Patrick Griffin Sucks…” page but they never took me up on the offer.

Dax L13 Team Cat

Dax Lucky13 Team Cat splash page

I am a huge fan of Dax, the Lucky13 team cat. This is, to my knowledge, the second splash page for the team featuring Dax.

This is my favorite cat on the internet because he said that I don’t look like Elton John (which I don’t) and, bizarrely, promised to come back and teach people to fly.

To that is it for this week, well almost.

1. SurfAholics Alpha had some pages shown but they are not on here…their latest campaign deserves a post of its own and that will happen later this week.

2. I didn’t show my two favorite pages of the week – they were so awesome that they deserve a post of their own too and that will happen later today, so watch out for that also.



22 responses to “Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures – one”

  1. Gary Waters says:

    Some very nice and original sites her congratulations to all the submitters of new ads

  2. Charlotte says:

    Some very funny pages. And videos. Awesome!

  3. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great pages!

  4. Lynn M says:

    Since I missed last week’s SSP, I am doubly glad that you post these “best pages” pics. Some really good ones last week!!! 🙂

  5. steven schofield says:

    Some nice splash pages from ssp.

  6. Great splashes during SSP

  7. Wendy Browning says:

    Oh happy day.

  8. Sig says:

    see some nice there yes..special treat?

  9. Lots of fun and creative pages.

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    I laughed out loud at the cats and amoebas splash!

  11. Marye says:

    Real originality shown here – great pages folks

  12. Rob P. says:

    Shame about the time SSP takes place but like a lot of things that happen during my sleep time, it’s something you miss out on.
    Well I made the last one but by the time my brain started functioning it was all over.
    Try again another day.

  13. Patricia Dean says:

    Great creativity

  14. Great splashes with loads of creativity. WTG all .


  15. Raj G says:


    Attractive splash pages…!


  16. Ken Wolff says:

    Sorry I missed the Party! Too much going on offline this week!

  17. john says:

    working to much makes me miss

  18. Selya Rollins says:

    The images are the best part of these splash pages, great job!

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