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Caption Needed – Jon Will Award XP For The Best One

Caption Needed – Jon Will Award XP For The Best One

Jon Takes A Drink On Impromptu TE Live

Jon was feeling a bit bored on Saturday night (actually the early hours of Sunday morning as I write this post.)

He was surfing for Golden Eggs of XP and just fired up Spreecast to hang out with the te community.

Then he took a sip of water from a glass which was almost the size of his head.

So it is time for another caption contest…

Just give me a caption to this picture in a comment to this post and Jon will award some XP to at least one of you.

I thought if Jon can launch a random TELive then I can launch a random CTP XP giveaway!

39 responses to “Caption Needed – Jon Will Award XP For The Best One”

  1. Here is to the football season

  2. Kathy Dyer says:

    Whoops! Was I supposed to swallow that fish?

  3. you first saw it on Kickass, now its my turn

  4. Matt Badura says:

    That is a glass? No This is a glass

  5. Matt Badura says:

    A goblet fit for a king

  6. R. Van Sky says:

    Which kind of person are are you, half empty or half full?

  7. Sunny Suggs says:

    “We can have THIS much water – give it other people. TEs Care.”

  8. At first sight it looked like a round aquarium.
    I’ll go for “Who saw my fish?”
    And if Jon took a sip from it, I think I know where the fish is. πŸ˜‰

  9. Gary Calvert II says:

    Jon’s wife loves him to drink water. And Jon, being the smart guy he is knows, happy wife, happy life. πŸ˜€

  10. mark adams says:

    Here’s Looking At You..”

  11. R. Van Sky says:

    This was my fish tank!

  12. Myra P says:

    Jon Secretly Sips From Coco’s Water Glass AGAIN!

  13. Lee Swetnam says:

    whatever you do do it BIG

  14. Laura Godin says:

    It’s vodka when my team wins!!

  15. Wendy Browning says:

    Here’s to you kid.

  16. No caption here but…

    My first thought was not water in that glass, and now my second thought is the same.

  17. Sig says:

    “Now Let them fill this Glass with K4 – IceCubes”

  18. Shelayne says:

    Where did that Golden EGG go???

  19. Karen Kuty says:

    Never drink anything bigger than your head.

  20. Jim Baker says:

    Wow. And bless you too.

  21. Scott Rohn says:

    Maybe I should save time and go drink this in the bathroom, I’m going to wind up there anyway

  22. Victoria Stein says:

    …move this ‘glass’ slowly away from the keyboard,..nice and slow,…steady the hand,….

  23. Victoria Stein says:

    or,…if I add more water to this ‘glass’ in my hand,…it can count as a workout!

  24. Lindsie Starr says:

    “I am a CTP Pimp and I like the Golden Eggs very rewarding!”

  25. […] you had to do was to come up with a caption to the picture on the previous blog post. Thanks for everyone who turned out to the Spreecast and thanks to everyone who took […]

  26. Tom Wacker says:

    “If your glass is going to be half full, make it a big damn glass. Nugget!”

  27. Charlotte says:

    Too late for this….but funny captions.

  28. wow my head looks big through this glass of water

  29. Patrick Griffin says:

    Excellent captions from everyone – thanks for coming out to play.

  30. john says:

    double double vision thru them glasses

  31. Stephen Whittle says:

    Here’s looking at you sweetheart…

  32. Marye says:

    lol all of em good..good luck ev1

  33. Patricia Dean says:

    Anyone want some?

  34. Raj G says:


    Glass Turns Cash…!!!


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