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Uber Battle Underway For CTP Teams Weekly Contest

Uber Battle Underway For CTP Teams Weekly Contest

CTP Teams premiership screenshot sep6,2014

Walter Mulder’s Uber Surfers have taken the lead in this week’s Premiership battle while Lucky 13‘s strong performance has seen current champions SurfAholics Alpha relegated to third spot.

However relatively little separates the top three – a mere 43 million points, which may sound like a lot, but the way these three rack up points it really isn’t.

UberSurfers currently have a 320 per cent bonus active based on the huge amount of kingships their team has accumulated since the new feature was introduced which is currently helping them pull away from the competition.

These three teams are locked in battle for the top three spots and it does not look like anyone else can catch them.

Both The Strays and CSN have been consistent all week and seem more or less content to finish the week in the same spots as they started it.

CTP Renegades are one place higher than when they started the week and Empower World Team remain unmoved at seventh slot – however they are not too far behind Kore4 so their place in the Premier League next week is not secure.

Dream Team and Hunters, which both moved up to the Premier League this week, did not seem to do quite enough to stay and they look likely to move back down when the new week starts on Monday morning.

Meanwhile CTP Masters, Surf Lovers and Bonz Brigade have all outperformed their rivals in the lower league and should have no problem heading back to the Premiership.

As ever the next 24 hours could see a lot of activity so nothing is set in stone.


22 responses to “Uber Battle Underway For CTP Teams Weekly Contest”

  1. Tom Wacker says:

    This race is actually tightening up, I suspect tomorrow will be a frenzy. It will be very interesting to see who actually comes out on top. Let the games of September begin!

  2. Myra P says:

    It will be interesting to see what strategies willbe thrown on the table before this week’s contest is over…hmmm!

  3. Lynn M says:

    Yeah, tomorrow should definitely be an interesting day! I always end up missing the Sunday night events due to a weekly commitment, but I will certainly be interested to see how the week ended up when I come back home!

  4. It’s going to be an interesting Sunday.
    Go Ubers!!!

  5. Wendy Browning says:

    this is uber epic.

  6. Sig says:

    This is finaly a real battle…

    Then It will be interesting what those teams pull out of theyr hats at the end…

    How mucg XP will be ordeed *(good for business)

    How hard will team really whant that shiny top position.

    The Ware and march is here,,,Success

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    Should be very exciting! I can hardly wait to see how it turns out.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Another fantastic week ends, but how will it end….

  9. Georgia Stewart says:

    The Strays need more members to keep up with the top three. Good luck everyone – happy surfing as always!

  10. Patricia Hedge says:

    The game isn’t over till the fat lady sings…lol

  11. Glenn Witmer says:

    Go Ubers!!!! and good luck to all

  12. Stephen Whittle says:

    Been a crazy week!

  13. Kris Rogers says:

    Wow, look at those numbers for the top teams WTG!

  14. Marye says:

    exciting right to the finish πŸ™‚ wtg All

  15. Rob P. says:

    Uber Uber and then the results came in πŸ™‚

  16. steven schofield says:

    One crazy week here at ctp teams.

  17. Raj G says:


    Great performance…!


  18. Patricia Dean says:

    Work hard teams

  19. Work, Work, Work… do you ever play?

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