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Epic Sweeva Surf Party For CTP Teams (And An Offer For CSN)

Epic Sweeva Surf Party For CTP Teams (And An Offer For CSN)

The Sweeva Surf Party settled into its new time slot yesterday and proved to be a huge CTP Teams event.

Sweeva has always been a site where people have come to test out new ideas, get instant feedback and show off their creativity.

In addition the SSP is becoming a cool weekly hangout for members of CTP teams to get together and hang out for an hour while showing the community what makes each team unique.

The one thing Jon has always said about traffic exchange advertising is be different and don’t use the same pages as everyone else is using…well the SSP is the living embodiment of that in action.

There are so many unique, highly individualized, team-centric and eye-catchingly stunning splash pages showcased at the Sweeva Surf Party that it is a joy to see.

Teams and individual advertisers are now using the SSP as the venue to officially unveil new creations to the community and I can’t think of a better venue to do so.

When Jon does his magic to convert the credits used for winning bids into XP and then gives away XP for the top three teams and individual surfers that just adds to the atmosphere.

This week we broke records again…we had 11 teams taking part and seven people ended up winning XP on the individual splash page contest.

In the team contest we had the usual epic battle between Lucky 13 and Cash Surfing Network for first and second spots. There was a second battle this week for third and fourth places between Uber Surfers and SurfAholics Alpha which made the teams contest even more interesting. The overall result could not have been closer. Lucky 13 – which started with a one point lead for getting a splash posted on the CTP Teams blog a few days previously – won by just one point.

So this has given me an idea. I would like to give Cash Surfing Network the same opportunity to start next week’s competition with one point already in the bank.

To do this all I need is for any member of CSN to Skype me an original splash page which contains the words “Patrick Griffin sucks…” and which contains the CSN team logo before midnight Eastern on Sunday night.

If you do this then the page will get shown on this blog and you will go into next week’s SSP with +1 for the team page score…basically the same deal that Lucky 13 took advantage of the previous week.

So talking about scores this is the way things looked at the end of yesterday’s epic battle which saw the most XP ever awarded for the individual contest as so many people tied with the numbers of page views:


1. Lucky 13 – 36 pages – 50K XP

2. CSN – 35 pages – 25K XP

3. Uber Surfers – 15 pages – 10K XP


=1 Sabrina Traversa and Norbert Lander – 50K XP each

2 Boris – 25K XP

=3 Tom Wacker, Eric Goettman, Rhonda Pizor and Marian Gurowicz – 10K XP each

Sweeva Surf Party scorecard for September 04 2014

16 responses to “Epic Sweeva Surf Party For CTP Teams (And An Offer For CSN)”

  1. Wendy Browning says:

    Alright go team! So that’s where you all ran off to, the Sweeva Party!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Great offer for next surf party.

  3. WTG teams and individuals!
    Can’t wait to see what CSN is gonna create. 😉

    Pff, I felt quite lonely as SAA during the SSP. 🙁
    Glad I won 50k for the whole team, thank you. 🙂

  4. WTG participants of the sweeva party wish I could attent them but always at work 🙁 lol

  5. Georgia Stewart says:

    Can’t wait to see what CSN creates for next week. WTG everyone!

  6. Sig says:

    This was one of the most fun Partys for a long time…and I do believe the Hour was perfect timing, for most of the world.

    Good going!!

  7. Good party, nice turnout. 🙂

  8. Karen Kuty says:

    I’m glad the SSP went so well. I wish I could go, but dayjob gets in the way… 🙂

  9. Patricia Dean says:

    Glad it went well.

  10. Lynn M says:

    Illness knocked me out of the park this week so I missed it, but I was so thrilled to learn Lucky 13 prevailed anyway! Looking forward to next week!

  11. Raj G says:


    Jon has his unique way of recording and analyzing….


  12. […] the SSP was another huge success, you can see all the winners here, but these are some the pages which stood out for […]

  13. john says:

    I cant wait i,m ready

  14. john says:

    I cant wait i,m ready

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