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Now You Too Can Be Part Of #Ovendogs

Now You Too Can Be Part Of #Ovendogs

It started off as a joke in TELive.

Jon’s dog was barking and barking and barking.

So he shouted at her: “Coco. If you don’t stop barking you are going in the oven.”

For some reason it kind of caught on and it led to TELive being referred to simply as “ovendogs.”

Soon #Ovendogs was being used on Twitter and now…there is a new CTP Team called #Ovendogs.

Ovendogs joins CTP Teams

Come on you #Ovendogs…you may need to work a little on your logo though.




27 responses to “Now You Too Can Be Part Of #Ovendogs”

  1. Karen Kuty says:

    As long as they are not microwave #Ovendogs–that would be very bad.

  2. Cool thats hilarious, I hope now we get a tirade of humorous dog eating Pics and sayings
    or at the very least some corny dog jokes, or is that a Corn Dog

    How do you keep a dog from barking in your front yard?

    Put it in your backyard!

  3. Awesome Stuff welcome team Ovendog
    This is a bad dog joke not meant to offend anyone!

    What goes
    Mark, mark, mark

    A dog with a hair lip

  4. Sig says:

    Ha..haha..oh yes Remeber those calls..and some even got upset that Jon really gonna do it… Rofl 🙂

    Welcome to the Dogs, hope your soon HOTDOGS 😀

  5. Kris Rogers says:

    Wheres the picture of Coco as the picture/logo?

  6. Stephen Whittle says:

    Coco — a TE Live legend….just like Jon. Great story!

  7. Joao Ramos says:

    Welcome to the “battle” Ovendogs! 🙂

  8. It’s always a bit of a surprise what will go viral and what won’t…and now we have #Ovendogs and a team with the same name…I hope they don’t prove to be half-baked.


  9. Poor Geri….don’t let her see this blog post! 😉

  10. Haha. Welcome Overdogs! Go fight!

  11. Tom Wacker says:

    This is just too cool. Or hot as the case may be:) Who’d have thought a throw off line in TELive would grow so large?

    The ovendogs CTP team could use the Sweeva Thumbs Up/down for oven or not

    What do you call a dog with no legs?

    Doesn’t matter he isn’t going to come, anyway.

  12. Welcome #Ovendogs, even though I occasionally enjoy microwave oven dogs, I truly prefer them done in a steamer along with steam softened buns, YUM!

  13. Hmmm. . . Crazy Cats…Nerd Birds… Now #ovendogs…

    This place is going to the animals

  14. Kathy Kelly says:

    ROFL to every one of you !!!

  15. Neil says:

    Nice pic.

  16. Lynn M says:

    That is the perfect picture of Coco for the #Ovendogs logo 😀

  17. Virginia Herron says:

    Oh my! Jon gave a photo of coco, now they just need to find an oven to stick over it.

  18. Very entertaining, and funny how odd ball things go viral.

  19. Myra P says:

    Go ahead just admit….CoCo Rules!

  20. Aha, now I understand the post with the picture of the dog.

  21. Know how Coco feels. My mother always threatened to put my cat in the oven if I didn’t keep him out of the way in the kitchen.

  22. John Brewer says:

    Amazing the things that happen in the CTP family huh?

    I wonder what the next animal member will be?

    Go Oven Dogs!

  23. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the mention, logo has now been added.

    Coco is in pride of place 🙂

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