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Would A Member of Lucky 13 Really Eat The Golden Chicken of XP?

Would A Member of Lucky 13 Really Eat The Golden Chicken of XP?

Golden Hen and Golden Eggs

The land of ClickTrackProfitica is on a heightened state of security alert after it was revealed that a plot has been hatched to capture and EAT the original golden chicken of XP.

The plot was revealed in a “bedtime story” which was published on the Lucky 13 team blog and it does appear to be a genuine post.

According to this story one of the team members, described as having “a broken wrist and a very large appetite” wanted to eat the tasty fowl.

The relevant part of the post in question described this team member as “a slave” and said the following: “… the slave, shackled to the nearest piece of machinery by his non-broken wrist and with his very large appetite, wanted to capture and EAT the Golden Chicken of XP, and the rest of the group was understandably horrified. The very idea!

“One can only imagine that the slave’s keeper, along with the golden-haired ladies from the Southern part of the realm who were also among the group inside the barn marked ’13′, all said these words at the same time: “Hush, slave! Thou keepest surfing or thou getteth NO MORE food at all!”

As a result of this Sir Tim of Tech has increased security dramatically and this blog has asked Lucky 13 team leader Tom Wacker for an explanation.

We asked him: “Are you aware of any plot by any member of Lucky 13 to kidnap and eat one or more of the group of animals collectively known as the “golden laying stock of XP?”

He replied: “There was at least one member that seemed to think roast chicken sounded like a real good dinner.  He has been placated with Pizza and Hot Dogs.  I don’t think him to be a significant threat to the golden chickens. At least so long as he is properly nourished.”

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30 responses to “Would A Member of Lucky 13 Really Eat The Golden Chicken of XP?”

  1. Rhonda says:

    lolol…Love it Patrick…this was as funny as the bedtime story!!!

  2. Lynn M says:

    I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard…. well done, well done!

  3. John Brewer says:

    Lol, you NEVER know what to expect from Lucky 13!

    It was either here or jail!

  4. Rob P. says:

    Great story by Lynn.

    I now see the error of my ways I keep looking for the Golden Goose Egg alas to find out it is actually really is a Golden Chicken Egg is a real disappointment it shatters all my fairy tale memories.
    Now if the chicken that lays these Golden Chicken Eggs is Golden in colour it says to me it looks about right for eating so if Lucky 13 want to eat it I want my share as well like many others so move over 13 others are coming through for their share.

  5. Georgia Stewart says:

    Funny story. I hope CTP is guarding the golden livestock.

  6. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great job Lynn!

  7. Ken Hulit says:

    way to go with a good story

  8. Charlotte says:

    Very funny stories. Have not laughed so much in a long time. 🙂

  9. steven schofield says:

    A real laugh this story, guard the chickens well.

  10. Glenn Witmer says:

    Maybe only registered vegatarians should be allowed to join teams

  11. well im vegetarian so I won’t lol

  12. Wendy Browning says:

    Imma eat anything that it golden

  13. Karen Kuty says:

    lol! mmmm, chicken, now I have a hankering for KFC…

  14. great post and story 🙂

  15. Nice…very nice Sir 🙂

  16. Nah. Can they even find them?

  17. Kendra Morgan says:

    I’m confused: I thought that only golden geese lay golden eggs.

  18. Sig says:

    A story to get me to bed indeed…and yes thats needed now.¨

    What ever its a Golden Chicken, hen or what ever who lay them out there…we will find them 🙂

    Just remember Even turtles lay eggs 😉

  19. Another hilarious story at CTP land 😀

  20. Marye says:

    a true eggatarian it seems.. lol

  21. Virginia says:

    Funny story but now I’m hungry and craving some golden chicken fried rice. Mmm.

  22. Marcel Mioch says:

    Funny story, but there is 1 thing more worth in CTP land than a golden egg…

    … COFFEE. And thats exactly I wlll take now!

  23. Tom Wacker says:

    What a great piece of writing. True talent, with out a doubt.

    You can send donations of food to keep the slave from eating the chicken to
    Barn 13

    For cash donations, PM me, I will provide a PayPal address for you.

  24. Raj G says:



    What a story…!!!!


  25. Ken Wolff says:

    What came first; the chicken or the egg?…and then came Gold and the mysterious search began.

  26. Poor Bob, he’s always so hungry.

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