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Jon Olson Sucks…For Cancelling The Sweeva Surf Party

Jon Olson Sucks…For Cancelling The Sweeva Surf Party

Yesterday in TELive Jon revealed that he had to cancel the Sweeva Surf Party at short notice.

No Sweeva Surf Party…horror or horrors. What a cruel blow to take this away from the teams and advertisers who, quite rightly, see this as one of the highlights of the week.

So I had an idea. I thought if anyone could do a special splash page based on the Party being cancelled I would write about it on this blog.

I made it even harder by saying I wanted links to the pages that very evening. We always talk about this being the year of taking action and I wanted to see if anyone would take action.

I am very pleased to say that two people took me up on my offer.

First up was Boris with this page…

Jon Olson sucks splash page

This was good because Jon Olson does indeed suck for cancelling the Sweeva Surf Party. However Boris also managed to get in a plug on his page for AdKreator and for Sweeva Tips so that people can prepare for next week’s Sweeva Surf Party.

Well done Boris.

In addition there was also a mention for Lucky 13 so Lucky 13 will start off with one hit in the bank for the Team Page Challenge on next week’s Sweeva Surf Party…taking action pays folks!

Next up was Ken Wolff from Wake Up Now who also did a custom page based on yesterday’s TELive.

Learn the value of teamwork splash page

While this page was not specifically about the cancellation of the Sweeva Surf Party it was all about yesterday’s TELive…just click on the page and you are taken to the recording of the TELive Spreecast.


16 responses to “Jon Olson Sucks…For Cancelling The Sweeva Surf Party”

  1. I believe the reason was a good one!

  2. Stephen Whittle says:

    Yeah, he can slide (but he still sucks, LOL)

  3. Very creative responses Boris & Ken.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Great responses!

  5. Charlotte says:

    WTG Boris and Ken

  6. Georgia Stewart says:

    WTG guys

  7. Patricia Dean says:

    Splashes well done, Boris & Ken.

  8. Lynn M says:

    Boris is getting super masterful at pages, but this is by far one of my favorites he’s done yet!

  9. Ken Wolff says:

    Well TY every1! I kind of got the instructions wrong but did the Splash I wanted to. I love the Surf Parties as much as anyone but just can’t bring myself to the thought that Jon sucks at anything. He has done so much for all of us ant this TELive was awesome. It kind of gets off to a slow start but the excitement grows and everyone who watches it by clicking on the splash will benefit greatly.

  10. Glenn Witmer says:

    way to take action guys

  11. All I know is that I was out of town and had my ads set up for the party so it cost me 10,000 credits to much for a non surf party Thursday.

  12. Raj G says:


    Quick Response …. Nice Splash!


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