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If You Could Rename TimTech What Would It Be?

If You Could Rename TimTech What Would It Be?

Justin Ledvina on TELive 270814

Justin has never made any secret of the fact that he is not a huge fan of the name ‘TimTech.’

He thinks it sounds too old fashioned, gives the wrong impression of what the business is all about and is too ‘Tim’ centric.

In TELive on Wednesday, he said he would prefer something more modern, trendy and which encompassed what TimTech was all about.

He was just about to say something even more awesome and epic, or at least he looked like he was about to say something awesome and epic. However his feed was suddenly cut off by Spreecast’s Dastardly Demon of Vengeful Spitefulness, so we will never get to know what he would have said.

However you could give your views on what you would rename TimTech if you were in charge.

I have a feeling that the name TimTech is here to stay but it would be interesting to find out what alternate names you guys and girls come up with.

P.S. Sorry for that pixelated screenshot, I didn’t notice it at the time. It looks like Spreecast’s Dastardly Demon of Vengeful Spitefulness was actually trying to get Jon when this picture was captured.


21 responses to “If You Could Rename TimTech What Would It Be?”

  1. Global Lectures Of Online Media


  2. I though about “Marketing Star” 🙂

  3. Georgia Stewart says:

    Awesome Successes

  4. Lynn M says:

    I get the reasoning, but I dunno…. you guys are so very much established and branded as TimTech, I’m not sure a change wouldn’t be kinda like an ’80s-era “New Coke” kinda deal…

  5. NO MORE UBER! Too much of something is really really bad. In fact when I hear the word uber it reminds me of booger. Not because of the name of your team it just always has. C’Mon Man. Let that word settle a minute. Uber this and uber that, we get it.

  6. steven schofield says:

    The house of awesome sauce

  7. steven schofield says:

    House of awesome sauce

  8. Evelyn Kramer says:

    TimTech means so much to me. It’s a whole concept of teamwork and teaching, and helping, and earning all in one. I think it would be foolish to change something so perfect. NO I don’t think of it as Tim oriented. I think of the TimTech Crew.

    Please don’t make an impetuous move.

  9. Stephen Whittle says:

    Awesome Sauce Inc. (or LLC)

  10. Elizabeth says:

    TT World! LOL!!

  11. Patricia Dean says:

    A well branded name is great. Why change when TimTech is well branded.

  12. Ken Wolff says:

    I vote for KenTech!

  13. Raj G says:


    How about TakeTimTeam… lol


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