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Everything To Play For As We Enter Final Weekly Contest Of Current Month

Everything To Play For As We Enter Final Weekly Contest Of Current Month

This is one of the “super weeks” at CTP Teams where Sunday will see the end of a weekly contest and a monthly contest in one…always an exciting time indeed.

The winners of the week which has just finished saw a familiar look with SurfAholics Alpha finishing in first place, ahead of The Strays in second place and Lucky 13 third. There were big gaps between the three teams this week – 612, 507 and 340 million team points respectively.

As mentioned in the previous blog post today, Uber Surfers finished ninth and Hunters 14th so I would expect both of teams to add to the mix in a big way this week also. I will be watching closely to see how these guys perform. It is good that Walter’s team is now full as he has closed down enough CTP teams for the time being I think.

Promoted to the Premier League this week were Uber Surfers, Surf Lovers and CTP Masters while Empower World Team, Surf to Earn and SurfAholics Bravo all went down a league.

Something tells me this week will be really exciting in CTP Teams.

Finally Justin finds himself without a team once more and is open to offers if anyone wants to take him on.




24 responses to “Everything To Play For As We Enter Final Weekly Contest Of Current Month”

  1. I’m Uber excited about this week

  2. MrJerky says:

    Empower World Team finished 8th and went down a league?

  3. Rob Paris says:

    Justin is always welcome to come back to where he started.

    The Founders accept any wayward owner.

  4. Georgia Stewart says:

    WTG everyone!

  5. steven schofield says:

    Congrats to all ctp teams.

  6. Stephen Whittle says:

    Gonna be a fun week!

  7. Charlotte says:

    An interesting last week of the month. Let’s make it an epic one 🙂

  8. Wendy Browning says:

    Game on

  9. Boris says:

    Hopefully this week will be at least as exciting as the first week of the month. Let’s end it on a bang 😉

  10. Tom Wacker says:

    I like Boris’ idea. I think this last week should rock and roll!

  11. Sig says:

    Right this sec I write I am amazed, the UBER is on TOP!

  12. Lori Sivage says:

    Go Uber Surfers I love the team!

  13. Wow! Incredible move from the Uber, WTG guys!

  14. Glenn Witmer says:

    way to go to all the teams

  15. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

  16. Ken Wolff says:

    I would say come join our team Justin as we do have things in common, but you would have to go on a waiting list cuz everyone on our full team is active and we are doing OK.

  17. Raj G says:


    Cheers for CTP Masters…!


  18. Lynn M says:

    This is probably shaping up to be one of the most exciting weeks in the Teams this summer. Good luck to all!

  19. Patricia Dean says:

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Glenn Witmer says:

    Congrats to all teams and members…waay to go everyone

  21. It’s a little late in the month for the new teams, but they may just end up being spoilers for this month and the cream of the crop for next.

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