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Teams Slayed As Uber Surfers March Towards The Top

Teams Slayed As Uber Surfers March Towards The Top

I have just been looking back through some recent CTP Teams blog posts and at this rate Uber Surfers and Hunters will need their very own blog.

These two teams have come from nowhere and really dominated in just a matter of days.

Valentin’s Hunters finished 14th overall last week with 35.9 million points and is currently on track to break into the Premier League next week – early days obviously but the team is on track none the less.

However Walter’s Uber Surfers have been on something of a rampage in recent days.

First Richard Arblaster disbanded #ovendogs to become an Uber ovendog, next Randy Sult closed Stinkin’ Badge Owners to snap up one of the last slots on Walter’s team as an Uber Badge Owner and finally Randy Ritter shut up shop to jump on board as an Uber Wingman. Walter even managed to recruit Sig from top team SurfAholics Alpha to become an Uber Viking.

Uber Surfers promoted to CTP Teams Premier League after just one week

Not only has Walter become an Uber grim reaper of CTP Teams but Uber Surfers was instantly promoted into the Premier League at the first opportunity after finishing in ninth place overall last week with 67.4 million team points.

Uber Surfers are currently fourth place in the Premier League…could they be planning to challenge the top three already? I think they just might give it a go.

Coming up next…a closer look at both leagues.

25 responses to “Teams Slayed As Uber Surfers March Towards The Top”

  1. Congratz Walter and Uber Surfers for making it to Premier League! the pack of Hunters are hunting as I am writing 😉

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Hunters have it in their DNA to hunt…given that you are chasing Walter’s team maybe we really should call you Uber Hunters after all. 🙂

  2. Wow what a massive growth for both Valentins and “my” team.
    Uber Surfers has become a very strong team with great individuals that know about the power of CTP and you can expect many things to come from us.
    Hmm… shooting for top 3? Let’s try! 🙂

  3. Keith says:

    Always interesting stuff going on in the background!

  4. Janet Legere says:

    This is a very committed team and it’s an honour to be part of it.

  5. Pat says:

    Whoppah…:) Not bad for a start uber people 🙂

  6. Lynn M says:

    Wow, that’s what I call an Uber post, Paaaaaaaaaaatrick…. 😀

  7. Randy Sult says:

    Taking over the world. Relationships are what success is built upon.

  8. Georgia Stewart says:

    Wow – that was a fast rise to the top. WTG!

  9. henk says:

    I am glad I did not hesitate to come in this team. And its just a start

  10. steven schofield says:

    Good luck to both teams ,Uber Surfers are gaining pace to the top

  11. Jon says:

    I was lucky enough to watch all of this unfold before my very eyes. It was the most entertaining carnage I’ve ever seen! Good luck guys 🙂

  12. Stephen Whittle says:

    Welcome to the new and improved teams!

  13. Charlotte says:

    WTG Uber surfers and Hunters. Good luck.

  14. Lori Sivage says:

    I am absolutely loving being an Uber Surfer. Walter has a great team. It is awesome lets get to top 3 this week.

  15. Way to go for the new teams

  16. Tom Wacker says:

    Well, I predicted something like this, but not this dramatic or fast. Impressive showing by the Ubersurfers and the Hunters!

  17. Sig says:

    Let the Real War Begin

  18. Wendy Browning says:


  19. I don’t normally join teams because I am one who believes in giving 110% and I just don’t think I can do that at this time. However, I have been pushing to help my Uber team and glad I did join my friend Walter and all the other Ubers. Way to Go, Ubers!!

  20. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to these two new powerhouse teams!

  21. Ken Wolff says:

    I am always happy to see out team doing better than the week before. Even with a lot of offline distractions we are at +1 overall.

  22. Raj G says:


    Tough Fight all the Way…!!!


  23. Patricia Dean says:

    WOW, WTG

  24. If you claim the title, you need to live up to it.

    This team has certainly done that!

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