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Pioneers, Kings, Badges and XP For Your Teams

Pioneers, Kings, Badges and XP For Your Teams

Ok so hands up if anyone is just a little bit confused over the changes to the badges over the last few days?

Thought so. Therefore let me explain.

Before the Revolution.

Long, long ago in a land that time forgot there were CTP badges, lots of them. It was decreed that whomever should be the first to collect the badge should be King of the Badge and no man should have claim on the kingship for as long as the stars twinkled in the night sky.

The great thing about this was that if you owned a badge you could choose to allow someone to claim it first and thus be king. People who were kings of the badge remembered this and were quite rightly proud of the fact that this honor had been bestowed upon them.

The not so great thing is that was about it. There was one king (or queen) and nothing else much happened.

After the Revolution.

(i) The Goats of the Mountain

The kings were stripped of their kingships and there was much consternation throughout the land and many learned scribes made their feelings known on the Blog of CTP Teams, in the great chatrooms of Skype and on the mysterious Twitter in 140 characters or less.

A meeting was called of all the great learned minds and Tim of Tech declared that all the goats of the mountain should be sent out in search of the missing kingships which has been ‘scattered to the four corners of the kingdom’ and many of them in places which were very hard indeed to reach.

However the goats of the mountain were fit for the task and it took them less than four days to gather up all the missing kingships, even those ones which had fallen in places which were very hard indeed to reach.

(ii) The Rise of the Pioneers of Greatness

When the kingships had been returned to the great counting house of numbers Tim of Tech announced that in honor of this great achievement the original badgeholders would be known as “honored and revered pioneers of greatness” or simply Pioneers for short.

A homeless bird was summoned for each of the badges and they were told to return them, with all possible haste, to their rightful owners…those Pioneers who claimed them first.

Tim said: “Badge Pioneers are the savvy badge collectors who were first to claim a badge. Now as for the name, a Pioneer is a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area. I feel that fits the concept better than King.” Tim’s full missive is right here.

You can see how many times you have been first to claim a badge on the new Pioneers box which can be found on the left of your CTP profile page:

CTP Pioneers achievement box

If you are the Pioneer of a badge then this honor is yours and it cannot be taken from you (for as long as the stars twinkle in the night sky, that is.)

(iii) The New Generation of CTP Badge Kings (and Queens)

It is still possible to be King or Queen of a badge and this is shown in the Kingships box on your CTP profile page. The honor of King will be bestowed upon you if you claim any badge more than other badge hunters in the realm.

The ancient scrolls state:

  • for as long as thou shalt have claimed the badge more times than others then the Kingship shall be yours and you shall have this achievement proudly highlighted for all to see on the badge’s very own page of claimedness.CTP 1000 points king of the badge
  • However Kings must be dutiful and continue to claim the badge to protect their position. Should they slip up and allow another to claim their badge more times they they, then they shall forfeit the badge and a new king will be crowned.
  • The new king (or queen) shall keep this badge until such time as another claims it more than they and so the process shall continue.
  • There is no limit to how many badges you can be king of at any given time.

(iv) Kingships and Earning XP for your CTP Teaam

Now that kingships can be won and lost this makes them dynamic and means that your efforts in gaining sought-after kingships can translate into bonus XP for your team.

Here’s how:

  • For each kingship you collect in any given week you shall earn a two per cent bonus for your team
  • The bonuses of each team member are all added up and shown in red at the top of the team profile page.
  • By way of example, at the time of writing this SurfAholics Alpha had two members with one kingship each, one member with six, one with 15 and one with 30 kingships. This is a total of 42 kingships each giving a five per cent bonus. 53 x 2 = 106 so the Alphas were getting a 106 per cent bonus due to the kingships their members had won.
  • That’s it.SurfAholics Alpha kingship bonus on CTP Teams

Sharp eyed readers may recall that the bonus for each kingship badge was initially set at five per cent. This was changed to two per cent to make it fair to all teams as with five per cent per kingship earned the most active teams could have received a disproportionate bonus.

35 responses to “Pioneers, Kings, Badges and XP For Your Teams”

  1. Now all you need to do Patrick, is to stretch the symbolism just a little bit further and you should be well on your way to at least the first book in a trilogy. Depending on where that goes, you could do multiple trilogies, a la the Thomas Covenant stories, or just keep adding book after book (Dragon Reborn, but I don’t recommend that. At well over 1,500 characters the original story has gotten mangled and lost). Maybe you could just add prequels, sequels, and back stories a la Tolkien’s Middle Earth or Terry Brooks style. Then we could all look for the character that represents each of us.

    [Note – I do want to be a very powerful sorceress when you CTP into a series of fantasy novels.]

  2. Ken Hulit says:

    thanks for the long explanation

  3. Karen Kuty says:

    As long as you do not cast me as a troll, I look forward to reading further adventures in this mythic quest.

  4. LORNA says:


    You have thought this through and found a perfect solution for me. I am quite happy at the new storyline and methods introduced (even with comedy too). I can see now on my Profile Page that I have a new box ~ Pioneers and my 9 are back there. There isn’t anywhere I can click on to see these is there? That might be asking a bit much.

    THANK YOU for the speed at which you resolved this. It was huge for many of us. Small things mean a lot and in this case, our Small Things were Huge. I believe you have done us Proud.


    x x x

  5. Charlotte says:

    I love fantasy novels. Looking forward to read more.
    Thanks for fixing this and for the Interesting explanation.

  6. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I too fear Troll status. I have won and lost kingships in a flap of a fairies wing…

    Thank you for all your wiz-wording wisdom oh Tim of Tech and the of so cool tale (explanation) of the soon to be epic battle of the badges.

    hee hee hee Oh no isn’t that how trolls laugh?

  7. Clearly for sure & I love it (again) 🙂

  8. Stephen Whittle says:

    Well done Timtech!

  9. Well there was once a cat in a hat, so I can play the part of the troll in a hat! 🙂

  10. Wendy Browning says:

    I love the new changes it makes CTP more of a competition. Once a badge used to be collected and only one time would a king be named, now we all have a chance at being king of our favorite badges. Too bad us lady’s can’t be the Queen of the badge if we are the one with the most. Oh well I’ll take what I can get.

  11. Randy Sult says:

    Such fun. This is why I love Click Track Profit. There’s nothing like competition to drive excellence.

  12. steven Schofield says:

    Thanks for telling us all about the pioneer , king badges.

  13. Georgia Stewart says:

    Sounds like a great tale – Patrick, you need to get introduced to Margaret Weis 🙂

  14. Lynn M says:

    You and your wonderful storytelling talents…. (applause!)

  15. Jacque Hafner says:

    Ihave 15 kingships, but the bounus for my team is only 30%. Is this another penalty for not being Kore4?

    • Maybe for non upgraded Kore4 members, the Kingships multiply by 2 only

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      There is no penalty for not being Kore4. It seems like the bonus has been set at two per cent right now – this applies across the board whether you are Kore4 or not.

      We don’t want to set the bonus so high that the bonus can get out of hand so we are working on the numbers to see what is best overall.

    • Gary Calvert II says:

      The blog post states that they changed the percentage per kingship from 5%, to 2% for all, Jacque.

  16. Myra P says:

    Thanks Patrick for making sense of the renamed and new changes…:)

  17. Kelvin Ross says:

    So that’s what happened to my Kingship. To battle we shall go. Forth into night in a quest to regain my rightful crown and once again bestow peace to the four corners of the realm.

  18. Written like a fairytale. Love the story line.
    Great writing Patrick. Awesome solution TT

  19. Marye says:

    keeping it fun AND making everyone capable of “owning it” that’s what makes CTP great

  20. Jacque Hafner says:

    Thanks for the answer to my question. It would be neat if there was a list of the top 10 king holders.

  21. Sig says:

    Good work on this and for putting them back.. 🙂

  22. I am glad that it has been changed a bit and I love the story.

  23. Patricia Dean says:

    Patrick, you are a talented writer

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