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About the Kingships

About the Kingships

Hey Guys..  I wanted to apologize about the way Kings of Badges were changed. I was very focused on adding fun to that feature that I didn’t think about the excitement of finding a badge first and being able to show off you got it first. I’m going to go over what the new way is below, so you can see that I was trying to add fun, not take it away. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to go back and give users the Kings back. We only store the last time a badge was claimed, not the first time.

The intention was to bring Sitizens like fun where the King was the person who claimed it the most. People really had fun with that, and let’s face it some of those badges are really hard to get every day so for someone to have claimed say the surf 1000 badge the most, that’s quite the accomplishment. I wanted to reward that accomplishment with team bonuses.

The reason I changed it from the old way, quite simply, was because the only way to give people a chance to be King, is to create a new badge. The old way once you are King, you are King for life, so nobody else could have a chance at being King.

On top of that, especially for our partner exchanges that give out badges, it adds an incentive to keep coming back. Maybe you really are the most hardcore surfer at SurfSkeleton. The old way someone who went one time could have your King badge. The new way now you could claim it back.

I realize now my post made it look really bad. I got excited and didn’t talk to the team about it in depth. We could have added a different feature in, keeping both, but I didn’t think of it at the time. I just remember how fun it was to compete against the guys on Sitizens that I wanted to bring that to CTP Teams as well.

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  1. Stephen Whittle says:

    Must admit, I was not a happy camper going from > 50 kingships to < 3 (ask poor Olson, LOL). What's done is done and I wish everyone luck in the claiming of the new and improved kingships!

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      I understand Stephen. Hopefully yesterday’s TELive went some way to help explain what happened. We are all human and sometimes we get things wrong. P.

  2. Tom Wacker says:

    Well, it was a sudden and unexpected change. That’s for sure. I miss the one off badges and the ones I can’t replace. Oh well.

    I think that net going forward, it will be a great deal. It will provide incredible excitement to the Team game. It will give absolute newbies a chance to claim kingships. It will add traffic to the TEs, and eyeballs to my ads.

    It’s a winner, no doubt in my mind.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Yes indeed Tom…the whole idea was to inject excitement into the idea of badge kingship and having people actively seeking out kingship rather than getting it once and keeping it forever.

  3. Jon Olson says:

    I know it sucks for some people and we do apologize for that….I just hope people see the huge opportunity that now exists. We learned from this though and will grow because of it.

  4. So the Kingships for original claiments can not be restored?
    Verry sad

    • I never understood sitizens and I’m also not happy you’re trying to make CTP a new sitizens. This is going to kill the concept

      • Jon Olson says:


        • As a reply on Tims earlier post one CTP member wrote that it’s becoming overwhelming. That’s how I saw Sitizens, to overwhelming for me to start even playing.

          I’m affraid you’re putting to much of the game element in it now which devalues earlier games (like Mine Game, K&V) and gives the wrong focus.

      • Janelle Pineau says:

        I’m not sure why you would think we are trying to turn CTP into Sitizens. No one has said that. I’m not sure how else Tim can apologize or we can apologize. It’s unfortunate that it’s upset a few people. We misplaced the emotion attached to these Kingships.

        However, that being said, we really feel like the bigger picture or vision for the teams and XP will benefit everyone. You’ve trusted TimTech this long. We’re asking that you continue to trust us as we try to make CTP better for everyone.

        The way kingships are set up now makes bigger potential available for everyone to play the game. We certainly never meant to upset anyone and like Jon said, if we could have predicted this, we would have gone about it differently. We will do our best to set it right but we cannot put them back.

        • Who says I’m not trusting TimTech? I’m just pointing at a flaw and it’s not meant as a personal attack towards the TimTech team. (And I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be possible to restore the old kingships based on a server back up. But OK, it happened and if Tim says he can’t I trust him there)

          I think you upset quite a few people and yes it’s just a game but you forget that the owners of the badges had games developed around it too. I never forget how I rewarded the king of a new badge in the past and I was planning to do that with new badges too. That is whiped out now and I can’t speak for the members it happened to but I know how I’d feel.

          As I touched in an email to Jon it’s not just that. I fear for more things that I’m not going to discuss on a public blog.

          Sorry if you saw this as a personal attack. It was not meant that way.

  5. I never understood it to start with now that it is a few days old and teams that have a lock on it have already shut most of our team out so no help for us

  6. Charlotte says:

    Hopefully I will be able to be king of a badge again. Sadly some of my old kings aren’t available anymore. I will never be able to get them again unfortunately.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Yeah, if we knew how many upset people we would have had we would have done this differently.

      We will work hard to get things back on track.

  7. Yeah that does kinda suck, especially with those rare badges that you don’t see anymore.

    Considering that many CTPers did NOT participate in Sitizens, or did not understand it fully, it’s a hard lesson learned to NOT assume that everyone would like a change without some warning/explanation.

    Is there not some sort of master list of all the badges that have been given out? Maybe TimTech and all the badge owners out there can do a “CTP REWIND” where you can make those badges available again….?

  8. Once a King always a King, but once a Knight is enough. Typo intended! 🙂
    I may have lost some kings in my empire, but I shall once again arise like the Phoenix from the ashes to conquer all that stand before me.

    Ahem, too much? Well lets just say that I will just have fun with the new way then.

  9. what I have learned now …is NOT to get my heart and soul to deep involved ..we never know what will pooof next time or change.
    So if you think the Timtech is special and great and fun…dont get stuck in there with deep feelings for it…as They say…”its just a game” and wants us to feel the same way…so please folks dont get your good deep feelings for anyrhing…you never know for how long you will have it 😉

  10. That sounds fair enough Jon. Other People should have a chance to be king. I wasn’t away of this part of the surf game lol. Glad to read about it. And you aren’t perfect. No one is perfect, but you can learn from this. 🙂

  11. Jacque Hafner says:

    Just wanted to add that I am enjoying the 80% point bounus that is going to my team. As a long time badge collector, it is fun for me to watch my Kingships rise.

  12. Raj G says:


    Its great to learn all about Kings…!


  13. Myra P says:

    Just have to see how it goes, the badges I was King of were rare, but life goes on…out with the old and in with the new…

  14. Wendy Browning says:

    Change is very hard for some. But once it settles in the old way will be soon forgotten. I think the way you do it now is fair and balanced. It will catch on.

  15. Georgia Stewart says:

    I never had any kingships but I understand why people are upset at losing theirs. Good luck to everyone to win them back.

  16. I for one am a big Fan of shaking things up and creating a new exciting aspect to what Fun is all about

  17. Karen Kuty says:

    I’m sad that my kingships are gone (not that there were many), but time moves on and things change. I’m not getting my undies in a twist.

  18. Glenn Witmer says:

    I Still have 1 of 2 so I will survive….and remember “in life the only constant is change” you either adjust or go the way of the dinasaurs

  19. Lynn M says:

    I’m personally pretty ambivalent about it since I didn’t have any kingships anyway, but I reckon I can understand where some of those who are upset about it are coming from. I do know it’s a known fact that a lot of people (not just within CTP, but the world and society in general) often have difficulty with change. I expect it will all sort out eventually, in any case.

  20. I’ll trying to have fun even i lost my 29 Kingships 🙁

  21. Sig says:

    Life goes on…some stuff sucks other not,,,

    Some of us know more about it then others..but again thats life

    Good luck all

  22. Carl Davis says:

    I lost Kingships for some badges from sites that don’t exist anymore.

    Moving on though, perhaps there needs to be an area on CTP that shows ranking of who has badges – top 20 of who has the most of the badge, so that one can see what one has to aim for to become King.

  23. Keith says:

    Why are we here?

    Is it to collect badges/kingships or make money?

    I know why I’m here and collecting badges is a fun means to an end.

    I never had any kingships so perhaps cannot understand the emotions fully of those who did……so let’s not forget the bigger picture.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Good point Keith…funnily enough Jon wrote a blog post yesterday which touches on the same subject matter and discuses why people are here in the first place.

  24. Mary Golon says:

    I guess net time, you’ll look before you leap. (lol) I just need to know how to steal them and how to keep them. Perhaps a mass mail will help us. I come kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I’m slowly getting there.

  25. Marye says:

    I wasn’t ever really sure how the kingships worked…(oops) with this reset I now get it.. (yeah me..lol) and even though it really sucks for those that had them already – it has opened it up for the rest of us who wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise…

  26. Elina Balashova says:

    I am only feeling sad about losing those that can not be reclaimed. But oh well, life goes on. Just don’t feel too attached, guys, it’s just a game and we should take it as a game. Nothing is permanent. It’s not a stamp or whatever collection in our drawer that you can show your friends in years from now. It can be taken away at any time 🙂 Just play it time after time and have fun 🙂 That’s what I learned from it 🙂

  27. Nothing changes until it does.

    The 2 kingships that I lost didn’t hold any meaning to me. They were just 2 random badges and a little luck on the day that they were introduced. I’m not even sure off-hand what the second one was.

    That being said, what I do find at least mildly annoying is the pattern of passive-aggressive behavior that is exhibited every time a change is introduced.

    The pattern starts with actions that seem to demonstrate that as a company, TT has decided in its risk tolerance strategy that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Or to take that statement out of the realm of 6 year olds and into the realm of project management. . .

    Good project management dictates that you consider stakeholder expectations in the planning phase and as part of risk management. This is something that never appears to happen. When everyone accepts the change, without comment, you’ve saved time and life goes on.

    However, when the change is not popular, the same passive-aggressive pattern is repeated every time.

    First the apologies,
    Second the justifications “we’re just trying to make it more fun, it’s just a game, can’t you take a joke”
    Third, the badgering of anyone that doesn’t fall into line and stop complaining (Just look at how the comments change in the thread above).
    Fourth, change the topic by finding the current darling or devil and compliment or pick on that person for being or not being the model of whatever unrelated topic serves as the days distraction.

    What the observer can’t tell is how well this pattern has been thought out or what the motivation is for using it instead of project management principles. It could just be a corporate habit that has evolved into a set pattern or it could be belief in the Pareto principle that the company will never lose enough people that actually make a difference to the bottom line to matter. What the observer can tell is that the pattern repeats itself many times over or that. . .

    Nothing changes until it does.

  28. Patricia Dean says:


  29. Victoria Stein says:

    After reading everything,…and more importantly,…what is presented by someone who has shown true wisdom and business acumen…here are my thoughts:

    Seems one can be trekking into unknown territory. There exist 2 camps,..and 1 can be CTP camp,..the other, X-ctp camp. The feelings are vast in between.

    I think that Keith Butterworth makes a valid point in what our perceived ‘values’ of accomplishments are.

    I once worked for a ‘family’ owned business,…gave my heart and soul to it,..and then it evolved into ‘corporate’. There was the writing on the wall the whole time,..I just could not read it so clearly.

    Many of the ‘promises’ I was told,..never happened,..and some of the ‘perks’ I would enjoy,..were no more.

    As new family members were brought into high paying positions,..and even transfer the equipment division that I began and handled for many years and the relationships I had formed with people from other companies,…to a ‘cousin’ who needed to be moved from the processing plant as manager.

    I was not part of the ‘family’,..I was treated more or less as an necessary and useful object. Then, when I was offered a ‘sales’ position…as a lateral move,…with same salary,…and the ‘cousin’ still earning nearly double that with stock option…..I said ‘no thank you’.

    My life would change dramatically,…and after the 1 year package no longer existed….have been navigating with out the same financial stability ever since.

    However, I may very well have saved myself from a ‘negative’ mindset that would ultimately end up in some physical heath challenge.

    In the ‘eyes of a child’,…life is wonderful and amazing,..and new things to be experienced,…..also, the possibility does exist, that I can earn so much more than what I was actually being ‘paid’…since a bother-in-law was installed as the CFO, towards the end of my tenure.

    Now,..today 8/19…after seeing that I have amassed some 23 Kingships,….I can feel a bit of pride in this new daily record! It is a personal best,..stemming from previous determination and many long hours. The monetary reward is not to be found here,…it is to be discovered from within ourselves!

  30. Mark Johnson says:

    WTG Victoria Great Post.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Very interesting in sight, Victoria! Congrats on your kingships!

  32. steven schofield says:

    Congrats to all that have kingships, intersting post Victoria.

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