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Welcome to the Premier League!

Welcome to the Premier League!


The first 10 teams to be created were automatically entered into our Premier League as a thank you for being quick to get started! The entire Premier League gets an extra 10% nerd surfing bonus!

1 o (1) SurfAholics (25/25) 1523301
2 -1 (1) Crazy Cats People! (25/25) 1098943
3 -2 (1) Lucky 13 (25/25) 787937
4 -3 (1) Cash Surfing Networkians (24/25) 472062
5 -2 (3) Bonz Brigade (17/20) 261214
6 -5 (1) The Founders! (7/25) 205616
7 -6 (1) CTP Masters (25/25) 182248
8 -7 (1) Empower World Team (13/25) 116068
9 -5 (4) Wake Up Now (3/15) 81258
10 -8 (2) Affiliate Prosperity (2/10) 5454

At the end of this week’s competition the 3 teams at the bottom of the Premier League will be moved to the Competitive League, and the top 3 teams of the Competitive League will get moved up to the Premier League!

5 responses to “Welcome to the Premier League!”

  1. Great concept – More fun at site that already was stuffed with unique quality marketing tools & tips.
    WTG guy’s 🙂

  2. I appreciate that teams that were not quick enough to be included in the original Premier League will get a chance to be included by working hard.

    • Janelle Pineau says:

      Hey Bernice,

      There will be LOTS of time to catch up! 🙂 We just opened it up and said the first 10 teams created will start in the Premier League but as you can see by the ranks, people are already dropping. The more teams work together, the more they will move up. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that you are liking it so far. 🙂

  3. Why do some teams have 10 and some teams have 25 available members and is there an advantage and is there a way to adjust it?

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