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CTP Renegades Leader David McKay Takes Looking After His Downline To Whole New Level

CTP Renegades Leader David McKay Takes Looking After His Downline To Whole New Level

CTP Renegades Prize Clickers reward program

This is another in my series of “better late than never” CTP Teams blog posts. One of the great things we have noticed in CTP is the number of people who go the extra mile to help their downlines.

This could be in the form of just being available to answer questions or could be giving out credits, CTP goodies or even rewarding your downline members with upgrades.

However CTP Renegades leader David McKay has made looking after his downline into something really special indeed.

He has launched Prize Clickers with the aim of creating regular contests for his downline in order “to bring a bit of fun and value” for something that people do anyway.

Prizes include…

  • Traffic credits at multiple exchanges.
  • Cash to your PayPal account.
  • Traffic exchange upgrades.
  • C.T.P goodies like – Wands, Batteries, Game Cards,Tokens and XP.
  • Banner and Text Ads.
  • Special prizes for anniversary dates.

He is currently half way through the August contest (hence the ‘better late than never’ reference above) but there is still time to take place in the contest and win a share of $500 in cash and prizes.

As David explained on his site: “Traffic exchange owners create surfing contests for their members. Usually awarding exchange upgrades, credits and sometimes even cash to the top surfers. This gives the member a bit of excitement and the possibility of profit at the end of it.

“One day I thought, why can’t a member create their own surfing contest, just for their personal referrals? And why not run a combined contest at multiple traffic exchanges?

So, Prize Clickers was born! Multi-exchange surfing contests ONLY for my personal referrals. They could be from a week to two months long. They’ll normally happen at more than six exchanges at a time(to give everyone a chance to compete). They will offer rewards from $10 to $500 and maybe much more.”

David is currently running contests for his referrals in 20 traffic exchanges and there is still time to take part in the August competition.

I have not seen anyone organize rewarding their downline in such a structured way before  and I am sure that David will have great success with it.

23 responses to “CTP Renegades Leader David McKay Takes Looking After His Downline To Whole New Level”

  1. Jon Olson says:

    Honored and very lucky to be a part of the Renegades. Been watching David turn this team into a power house over the past few weeks and it’s only going to get better.

    Strong teams start at the top with amazing leaders, and they don’t get much better than David!

  2. Charlotte says:

    WTG David!

  3. Awesome job David!I hope you will reach your goals with your program and will give great value to your downline members.All the CTP Teams leaders I think they deserve huge round of aplauses as they motivate their teams with different techniques.

  4. steven schofield says:

    Hope u reach your goals with your program, best of luck to u.

  5. Excellent David! You’ve created an awesome program for your downlines.

  6. Wendy Browning says:

    This sounds like a great program to join.

  7. Georgia says:

    WTG David. Excellent idea.

  8. Lynn M says:

    That’s some really interesting stuff David is doing! Good on ya 🙂

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Very exciting to see what David is doing! WTG David!

  10. Randy Sult says:

    Awesome, David. What a great idea. Bring your downline to Hit Funnel.

  11. Marye says:

    Awesome job David – keepin it fresh 🙂

  12. Sig says:

    No Breaks on…!

    This was yet ann other grear Reading

    Thx for sharing is with us!

  13. Karen Kuty says:

    This is a very creative way to build loyalty. Kudos, David.

  14. Keith says:

    Now that’s a cool idea!

  15. Tom Wacker says:

    How to be David! That is a really cool idea, and a great way to strengthen your team! WoooHoooo.

  16. David McKay says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments and
    to Patrick for the blog post.

    After starting Prize Clickers, I’ve noticed
    a few members that were losing interest in
    the team concept are now actively surfing.

    Now get over here and join in, I’ve still
    got a ton of XP to share out before the
    end of the month. lol

    David. 🙂

  17. Raj G says:


    That’s a good concept… All the Best!


  18. Patricia Dean says:

    Very creative David.

  19. Giving is the way to encourage the team. Love it.

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