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They May Be Unlucky 13 This Week But Nobody Can Take Their Sense Of Humor

They May Be Unlucky 13 This Week But Nobody Can Take Their Sense Of Humor

It is a pity that Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker could not get on Spreecast to talk about the rather dramatic events which saw them narrowly, oh so very, very narrowly, lose out to SurfAholics Alpha late on Sunday night.

Are they bitter about what happened…no not at all. Are they angry with themselves for not doing enough…not a bit of it. Are they more determined to win than ever…I would guess so. Can they laugh about it yet…yes they certainly can.

The Lucky 13 blog has been updated and it is very funny indeed. They list the following six step strategy for success:

1. Have your team get ahead EARLY, like Wednesday, and act like you’re on top of the world!

2. Realize on Friday that you’re going to have to surf ALL WEEKEND LONG

3. Do not sleep.

4. Even though you have to go to the bathroom during the final hour of the competition – DO NOT GO.

5. Send CTP’s page count through the roof refreshing the teams page every 15 seconds. Times 25 people.

6. Use your last XP 5 minutes before reset. That way they have plenty of time to use MORE than you did.

OK but you may ask how that is funny exactly? Well I won’t spoil their punchline…but check out the link to their blog post and pay attention to the headline.

Now do you get it?




23 responses to “They May Be Unlucky 13 This Week But Nobody Can Take Their Sense Of Humor”

  1. excellent blog post by a very sleep deprived Lucky 13 member

  2. Stephen Whittle says:

    Vote for Sunny!

  3. 7. Leave SURF and do CHAT to get support from all team members

  4. Matt Badura says:

    We all just having fun

  5. Good Fun, If you can only find that perfect second when your CTP points will beat out theirs before the changeover!

  6. Charlotte says:

    This is hilarious…almost as hilarious as my PC being shortcut by a massive thunderstorm.

  7. Wendy Browning says:

    I still can’t understand why you seem to think that coming in second place is so unlucky. Good thing our team’s name is Lucky13 or I don’t know what you’d use as a headliner? Simple.

  8. “”to accomplish to be beaten”” and so they where…but Go go Lucky13

  9. Tom Wacker says:

    Yay Sunny! Now you KNOW why you always vote for Sunny (and Patrick is awesome)

  10. Sig says:

    Totally!! F U N!!!

    6 tasks to accomplish to be beaten by the SurfAholics Alpha.

    Good one

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    Funny post, Sunny. When given the choice to laugh or cry, always choose laugh. Most things just aren’t that important…

  12. Raj G says:


    Points to Ponder… lol


  13. Georgia says:

    LOL – these are excellent tips. I will remember and use them while surfing.

  14. Kris Rogers says:

    Last minute surfing at the end of the week have been so close lately. Its good to see a good tough fight.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Has been exciting to watch the teams! Some interesting moves!

  16. Patricia Dean says:

    Great blog post Sunny, love the sense of humor.

  17. Life is too short to take things so seriously you can not laugh at yourself. Good job Sunny of keeping things in perspective.

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