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Warning: If You Drive A Beer Truck Then Don’t Eat Hot Dogs At Work

Warning: If You Drive A Beer Truck Then Don’t Eat Hot Dogs At Work

scaphoid splash pageLast week I asked if anyone knew what this splash page was all about and I received some interesting suggestions.

The suggestions included the following:

  • the bones have fallen in love with the hot dog in the rain because the bun melted away and the boney hand now thinks the hot dog is a digit.
  • The Bonz Brigade and the #ovendogs decided to go out for drinks. Everyone had just a little bit too much to drink and before they knew it they were all out on the dance floor and someone yelled out “MAKE IT RAIN!!!” So they all started throwing their money in the air and it caused mass curiosity about how all these folks had such wealth. This opened the door for conversations to begin, and love to bloom.
  • The land of OZ obviously not the same OZ I am from.
    Is Dorothy in Toms land of OZ?
    Will they find a wizard?
    Beer truck drivers what will the Mad hater say?
    People with potential to be madder than him oh no say’s he.
    Rain in OZ will not make the rabbit happy.
    Time to go

All of the suggestions above were wrong. It turns out that the page really refers to Lucky 13‘s Bob Pizor. Bob, as his team mates have noted more than once, likes to eat but on this occasion eating a humble hot dog led to his downfall…quite literally as it happened.

Bob explained what happened on the Lucky 13 blog:

“On Monday, I was finishing up my offline job as a beer truck driver, I was hungry (surprise, surprise) so I went into the convenience store to grab a hot dog and a drink. Keep in mind, it was raining.

“I walked to the truck, hot dog in one hand, drink in the other, and went to climb in the truck. I climbed up the step, and slipped. Hot dog went flying, (my first thought was there goes my lunch) and I fell to the ground. As I was falling, I instinctively stuck my arm out to brace the fall. I landed on my wrist.

“Once I got home, my wrist had swelled up like a balloon and I went to the hospital. They took x-rays. The results came back to broken scaphoid (the small bone in your wrist next to your thumb).”

OK that explains what happened but how did the splash page come about?

Back to Bob again:

“The team had asked in the skype room where I had been, and I proceeded to tell this story. One fellow Lucky 13 member, Boris Petrovic, took a liking to the story and designed a splash page. I didn’t know about it until it went viral, but still found it funny.”

And how has having one surfing hand affected your efforts for Lucky 13?

“Since I have been off work all week, with only my surfing arm to use, I have done just that. I have probably surfed more for team Lucky 13 this week than I have ever surfed in a week, EVER.”

Thanks for explaining Bob and get well soon.

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22 responses to “Warning: If You Drive A Beer Truck Then Don’t Eat Hot Dogs At Work”

  1. Bob Pizor says:

    Thanks Patrick,

    And the worst part was, after losing my hot dog, I didn’t get to eat until after 11PM, due to spending hours at the hospital. Being off work all week, I have made up for the loss of my hot dog. Rhonda ordered me 3 pizzas the next day, and they were gone by morning. I love to eat. But it still saddens me that I lost my hot dog.

  2. Rhonda Pizor says:

    Oops didn’t realize Bob was still logged in lolol

  3. Get well soon Bob “The Slave of Traffic Exchange” Pizor!

  4. Lynn M says:

    We were so worried about Bob when we first heard. Then our next question was whether he’d be able to surf. (Heh.)

    Turns out that even though he’s left-handed and broke his left wrist, he surfs with his right hand! The gods were looking out for Lucky 13 last week (but not so much for the hot dog)…

  5. Matt Badura says:

    Lol funny story, sorry to hear about your injury though, I hope you heal up real quick.

  6. steven schofield says:

    Sorry to hear that u hurt your wrist Bob,what happened to the hot dog.

  7. Bob Pizor says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and the support.

  8. Stephen Whittle says:

    Get well soon Bobert!

  9. Sig says:

    Sorry to hear about your injury…but must say a interesting story indeed.

    Best wishes

  10. You know Bob, I think it would be a good idea if you came with Warning signs. This man is hazardous to his own health, and maybe yours too. I’m sure Rhonda could come up with something snappy.

    Seriously I hope you make a speedy recovery Bob, that way you can’t surf quite as much for that lucky Thirteen team.


  11. Ouch! Bob, you need to be more careful and give up the drama in your life for a while.

  12. Karen Kuty says:

    That’s one way to turn lemons into lemonade (or hot dogs), but I bet Bob wishes he could have found a less painful one!

    Get better soon!

  13. Raj G says:



    Sorry to learn about that…!!!

    Take Care!


  14. Get well soon Bob!

    Good to see though that rain did not stay this surf slave from the swift completion of his appointed rounds 😉

    The Lucky 13 Team thanks you!

  15. Georgia says:

    Sorry to hear you were hurt, hope you heal quickly

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Very interesting story, made me laugh! Sorry to hear about the injury. Get well soon!

  17. Patricia Dean says:

    OUCH!! Get well soon, Bob, & Rhonda, I hope he is a good patient.

  18. Scott Rohn says:

    Wow Bob I hope you feel better to. Interesting how your left handed and yet you surf with your right hand. A couple years ago I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. ( I’m right handed and of course I surf with my right handed) Anyway after the surgery I had to learn to surf left handed, while my right arm was in the sling

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