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Lucky 13 Power Ahead To Early Lead

Lucky 13 Power Ahead To Early Lead

CTP Teams Premier snapshot august 7 2014

IT seems that Lucky 13 are on a mission to win this week. They had a member upgrade to Kore4 and took full advantage of it but they show no sign of slowing down at all.

They have left The Strays some distance behind in second place and the Alphas do seem to be struggling to keep up with the pace this week…at least so far.

Everything is very tight in the middle of the pack but a huge gap has opened up between the bottom two teams and everyone else.

There is even more of a dramatic points difference over at the competitive league where the top team CTP Masters have 34,322,494 points and the bottom three teams are yet to get a single point on the board.


33 responses to “Lucky 13 Power Ahead To Early Lead”

  1. Well done Lucky 13! and good luck all teams 🙂

  2. Kris Rogers says:

    There is still time to catch up and WTG Lucky 13.

  3. Joao Ramos says:

    WTG Lucky 13!

  4. Marye says:

    Mmmm is that a challenge I hear? 🙂 WTG to all Teams…it’s not over yet

  5. Rhonda says:

    that was a lot of surfing in 24 hours, think we all need long naps now LoL

  6. Anne Bergman says:

    Go Lucky 13 !!!

  7. Keith says:

    Darn! Did you have to mention CTPMasters – we were trying to silently creep up!

  8. Patricia Hedge says:

    Looks like it will be an interesting week!

  9. Good job so far Lucky 13, I don’t believe we can catch you this week, but we are starting to get out ducks lined up and will soon be able to challenge

  10. Cathrine says:

    SurfAholics Alpha hopfully will be the strongest Team at the End 😉

  11. Charlotte says:

    Go Lucky 13! Good luck to everyone.

  12. Carl Davies says:

    I wish our team Plus one everyday would step up abit. There’s some of us doing it everyday but most are not…

  13. Tom Wacker says:

    Where is that Matt when I need him? He knows just how impressive that day was here in CTP Teams.

    Lucky 13 carefully considered what to do, and then the team REALLY responded with an EPIC point collection day. It was really fun to be a part of.

    What have we done lately? Sunday will tell the tale.

  14. Michel says:

    WTG to all teams, and have fun

  15. Georgia says:

    WTG all teams.

    It is good to see everyone surfing so much!

  16. Wendy Browning says:

    Yay go team!

  17. Great activity and point hunting

  18. April says:

    Woohoo! Go CTP Masters 🙂 Loving this #4 overall spot.

  19. Sig says:

    Good Work I must say for Lucky 13 and Strays…but I see the 3rd place…and the Alphas, we are like the Killerwhals, just waiting to Strike…

    When, thats not to tell..as that is like hunting, and telling the animals we are comming… 🙂

    Anyway Good and interesting reading – And good luck to ya all!

  20. Stephen Whittle says:

    Go Lucky 13!

  21. Karen Kuty says:

    Good job, Lucky 13!

  22. steven schofield says:

    We are aewsome Go strays.

  23. Raj G says:


    No one can predict with conviction… situations might change fast, as we have witnessed in the past….

    All the best to every team towards their hard work.

    ~ Raj


  24. Patricia Dean says:

    COngrats to all who are doing their best.

  25. Abdellah says:

    go Kore4 go

    🙂 😉

  26. John Brewer says:

    NEVER underestimate Lucky 13!!

    (it was either here or jail) 🙂

    Go Lucky 13!!!!

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