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How To Make A Bid On Sweeva

How To Make A Bid On Sweeva

Sweeva is different and it seems that some people are confused about how the bidding process works and how they can get their pages seen by others.

So, in case you need your memory jogging, here’s how:

First ensure you have a site or sites to be seen.

Adding a site at Sweeva:

Sweeva add site screenshot

Sweeva adding a site

  1. Log into Sweeva, click on “Sites” and click on the words which read “Click here to Add a Site.”
  2. In the dialogue box which opens up give the site a name, add the URL of the squeeze or splash page you want seen and whatever text you would like to appear above the chat when your site is shown.
  3. Click on the green button to add the site. If the site says “Queued” or “This thumbnail has been queued” then that is fine. The site will still be seen if your bid is accepted.

Making a bid at Sweeva – the process:

At Sweeva everyone sees exactly the same site at the same time. Advertisers bid a certain amount of credits they are willing to pay to get their site seen. In any given hour then the highest bids will win and those sites will be the ones that are seen. In addition you can opt to have any given site shown up to four times an hour.

So this is how it works:

You want your site shown four times during the Sweeva Surf Party and are prepared to bid 500 credits for each time it is seen. This means that you would need to have at least 2,000 Sweeva credits available to you to cover this bid: 4 x 500 = 2,000

If your bids are successful your sites will be shown and the credits will be deducted from your balance. Should your bids not be successful then your sites will not be seen but no credits will be taken from your account.

Say if you want a site shown four times an hour every single hour for a week then to work how many credits you would need in your Sweeva account you would need to do this calculation:

Credits bid per viewing x number of views per hour x numbers of hours in a day x number of days site is to be shown.

Assume you go for 100 credits per bid then the calculation is like this:

100 x 4 x 24 x 7 = 67,270

If every bid is accepted then your site will be seen four times an hour for an entire week as long as you have assigned at least 67,270 credits to pay for the bids you made.

Let’s say that you only had 33,600 credits available. Then your campaign would stop half way through the week unless you topped up your credits by either surfing or buying more credits or both.

How to make an actual bid:

Sweeva - making a bid1

Sweeva - making a bid


  1. Click on “Bids” to be taken to the bid page and select the site you want shown from the drop down menu where it says “Sites – Select a site.”
  2. Select the days and times you want your site to be seen. The server is set to Eastern time but note that the current server time is shown on this page to help you get your site shown when you want it.
  3. By default all the boxes are blue which means that your sites would be seen seven days a week, 24 hours a day if your bid was successful and you had enough credits in your account to allow your sites to be seen.
  4. Assume you want your site seen on Thursday to Monday between 10am and 7pm then you would have the date and hour boxes look like this:Sweeva, making a bid 2
  5. Next fill in the amount of credits you want to bid – note that this is the amount of credits it will cost you each time your site is shown. See above for how this works.
  6. Now select the number of times you want the site seen per hour (between one and four) and the time you want people to see the site for (15, 30 or 6o seconds.)
  7. Finally in the “Credit” box enter the total number of credits you want to assign to get this page seen. This number will be the calculation I showed earlier… Credits bid per viewing x number of views per hour x numbers of hours in a day x number of days site is to be shown.
  8. Now hit the big green “Bid” button and you are done.

Hints on choosing how much to bid:

Sweeva bidding tips Sweeva bidding tips1 Sweeva bidding tips2

  1. When you first open the bid page you will see that the “bid” box is totally blank. This is not much help if you have no idea how much to bid. See top image above this text.
  2. Don’t worry because Sweeva can help. Simply click on the text marked “Use Average” and this box will now show the average winning bid for the time you placed your bid. At the time of writing this post the average is 100 credits. See middle image above this text.
  3. If you want to use the average amount then there is no need to edit this box. But feel free to enter a lower amount (if you want to save credits and are not worried if your site is not seen as often as other advertisers) or a greater amount (if you want to increase the chances of your sites being seen. See bottom image above this text.

Hints for choosing how much to bid for a Sweeva Surf Party.

  1. This is the premium hour of the entire week when everyone taking part is battling to get their sites seen – therefore it is not for the faint-hearted. An average 100 credit bid will NOT get your site seen.
  2. If you really want your site seen then be prepared to bid high. Far higher than you would at any other time of the week.
  3. For example last week’s Sweeva Surf Party saw an average bid of, wait for it, 11,525 credits.

This may seem complicated at first but it is really easy once you have done it a couple of times.

Don’t be scared. Give it a go and see how you get on. Good luck everyone.

20 responses to “How To Make A Bid On Sweeva”

  1. Thanks a lot for the explanations.

  2. steven schofield says:

    Thanks for the information on how to bid on Sweeva.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Thanks. 🙂

  4. yup -I remeber 11K bid and got 33 visitors lol
    Good luck all 🙂

  5. Lynn M says:

    I noticed last week and the week before there were a handful of folks that seemed to have a lot of trouble grasping why their bids weren’t getting picked up, even though a few souls tried to patiently explain it to them during/in the SSP. Hopefully this illustrated explanation (and especially the last part of the post) will help some understand a little better!

  6. Tom Wacker says:

    Wow Patrick! Great commentary on how to bid Sweeva!

    You REALLY need to link this post to the home page on Sweeva. This is truly the best I have seen.

  7. Stephen Whittle says:

    Only thing better would be for Patrick to explain all that on a video. 🙂

  8. Georgia says:

    Thanks for the explanation. It took me a couple times of bidding at Sweeva before I noticed that I had to change all the days/times to red and only leave the ones open that I really wanted.

  9. Rob P. says:

    Well for my money or credits if you like 11,525 of them bugger that for one showing that has just made bidding on site of the day very worth while.
    That is a lot of credits to burn just to hear some one either give you a pat on the back for your page or the flip side tell you how crappy it was.
    Thanks for the inside scoop on the insane side of Sweeva.

  10. Sig says:

    Insidea and backside of Sweeva hope some of you learned some new tricks…

  11. Wendy says:

    Auction start!

  12. Karen Kuty says:

    Thank you for the detailed explanation with lots of pictures.

    I get it, but I know that it was tough when I first started using Sweeva, and it’s really hard to explain in chat.

    This is really useful.

  13. Glenn Witmer says:

    It is not so hard, as ev1 makes it out to be

  14. Nar, it’s simple really once you fumble around a couple of times. bid often and prosper.


  15. Wendy Browning says:

    Good Stuff thank you.

  16. Nice work Patrick.

    As with any auction, you want to be careful that you are not overbidding or worse, bidding against yourself.

    One of the things that does seem to be missing from the new layout is the average bid at the top of the list of your own bids. It did take me a few minutes to realize that I could grab that information by “pretending” to create just that part of a new bid.

  17. Raj G says:


    very well explained…!


  18. Patricia Dean says:

    WOW, wish this could be somewhere permanent so I could see it. There is no way I have this memorized.

  19. My highest bid I ever made to try to get at least one shown a few weeks ago got shown 2 minutes after the hour. I kind of felt I might have wasted that one. If bids are not shown and I do not want to spend that many credits after the party, I delete the bid before it gets into the Queue.

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