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Tag:  XP Winners

Tag: XP Winners

Russell Stockley from the Cup of Traffic League has started a new program called XP Winners.

It is a new program based on XP and it looks very interesting indeed.

With XP Winners you can win XP just for playing a Prize Wheel so it is ideal for members of CTP and, of course, CTP Teams.

The site also has a login spotlight and banners in rotation but it is not a new traffic exchange. In fact there are free spins on the prize wheel up for grabs just for viewing the login spotlight.

Russell said: “If you are a team player at Click Track Profit then you know how important it is to be claiming as much XP as you possibly can so that you can get your team as high as possible in the Division that you are in.

“There is no better way of claiming CTP XP than to just play a game. XPWinners is a prize wheel, all you have to do is spin the wheel to win a prize.

“The wheel has CTP XP, credits (which are used for spinning and Banner impressions), banner impressions and square banner impressions plus cash prizes to be won.”

There is a jackpot on the wheel that increases every time someone spins the wheel without winning the jackpot and also a daily Happy Hour where there are bigger prizes placed on the wheel. (It might be a good idea to follow Russell on Twitter for updates such as when the Happy Hour is active.

Russell has also been offering credit prizes at his Fresh shows and will also do so at Cuppa Time. In addition he is currently offering four free spins to anybody that tweets:

“XP Winners is for Spinners and Grinners #xpwinners #ctpteams http://xpwinners.com”

There are both free and upgrade options available and upgraded members get bigger prizes.

It is always good when people do something new and this certainly looks like a cool new way to earn XP.