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CTP XP hunt winners drawn live at TELive

Jon Olson announced the winners of last week’s big XP badge hunt during yesterday’s TELive.

There were ten prizes of $20 awarded after 106 people qualified for the prize draw by hunting down more than 400 million XP during last week’s teams contest.

The winners were drawn live using random.org to ensure that those chosen were really picked at random.

Congratulations to all the winners – your prizes have already been added to your CTP commissions to be paid out on Friday.

The full list of winners are:

  • Patricia Hedge – SurfAholics Alpha
  • John Novak – CSN
  • Viktoria Cetin – SurfAholics Alpha
  • Mary Goble Thomas – Dream Team
  • David McKay – Renegades
  • Sig Skeie – Uber Surfers
  • Valentin Mavrodin – Hunters
  • Rosita Maasch – Lucky 13
  • Eric Burgoyne – CSN
  • Ken Wolff – Wealthbuilders

Well done to everyone who took part and helped made this such an awesome contest and congratulations once again to all the winners.