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Tag: XP Badges

I was going to do a big blog post telling you that Tezak Traffic Power is now live from today with its Tiered XP surf badges.

I was wondering what would be the very best words to use to convey the excitement of the occasion.

Then I looked at YouTube and realized that I didn’t need any words at all. A video would do it all perfectly…this video in fact.

Welcome on board Tony and be sure you are prepared for all the new surfers, members and fans you will gain from this awesome  CTP community.

Oh I almost forgot…here is the video…Jon Olson style.

Earlier on today one of Tim’s Golden Chickens of XP was on a break from laying duties and came into TimTech Towers for a chat.

“Hey Tim!” clucked the Golden Chicken of XP.

“Go away, I don’t talk to chickens,” said Tim.

With its feathers a bit ruffled it went on its way to find someone else to talk to.

“Hey Larry!” clucked the Golden Chicken of XP.

“Go away, I am dealing with support tickets,” said Larry.

It didn’t take the chicken long to find Brenda.

“Hey Brenda!” clucked the Golden Chicken of XP.

But Brenda was not expecting a visit from a Golden Chicken of XP so she chased it away with her cane.

“I give up,” said the Golden Chicken of XP. “If you want a job doing around here you have to do it yourself.”

Then it found a computer which was connected to the TimTech mainframe and started pecking away with the keyboard with its golden beak.

“Peck, peck, peck, peck,” went the golden beak of the Golden Chicken of XP.

For many hours it went “peck, peck, peck, peck, peck” and was so lost in its work that Golden Chicken of XP Number Two had to pull a double laying shift just to cover.

Finally it hit enter and a new CTP page came into existence:

CTP Surf Exchanges for XP page

Basically this page lists all the traffic exchanges with XP upgraded incremental surf badges and each time you claim one on any given day that badge gets greyed out to mark your progress.

Also the order in which the TEs are shown will change on a regular basis based on the numbers of badges claimed.

The page can be found on the dropdown menu once you click on the “Earn Points For Your Team” button in CTP.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

XP badge claimed page on CTP with greyed out badges

By now most people will be aware that many of the tiered surf badges come with XP too. This applies to badges on all of the TimTech traffic exchanges and on many of the other TEs which offer tiered surf badges.

The basic idea is that these badges now give the same amount of XP as their value. So the “Surf 50” badge will give out 50 XP and the “Surf 100” badge will give out 100 XP each time it is claimed.

But that really is the minimum award that you can get. Remember that you get 4x the reward if you are a Kore4 member and also don’t forget all the team surf bonuses that are also applied each time you claim a badge.

So to make things easier to know how much XP you are getting, the real value, with all the hidden extras added, is shown each time you claim it.

Here are a couple that Jon claimed earlier…

Extra XP for claiming tiered surf badges at CTP Screenshot 2014-07-31 16.19.49As you can see the 50 badge was not worth 50XP but 496 and the 100 badge paid out 1,052XP rather than just 100.

So the question is what are these tiered XP badges worth to you? Certainly more than you might think.

It is little wonder that so many traffic exchange owners have been so keen to upgrade their ordinary tiered surf badges to bonus XP surf badges.