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CTP Teams

The third season at CTP Teams and the rapid fire play offs have finally come to an end.

All the TimTech admin following this massive six months plus has also been completed and this is how things ended up.

Play off winners and prizes.

1. Phoenix – $1050 (This includes the regular prize money plus a $50 bonus from Justin for beating Lucky 13)
2. Lucky 13 – $500
3. SurfAholic Alphas – $250
4. Ubers – $250
5. CSN – $125
6. Renegades – $125
7. InToWin – $125
8. Wealth Builders $125

Season Tree winners and prizes.

Legacy Hits Division:

SurfAholics Alpha   $600
Lucky 13   $300
CSN  $200
Uber Surfers  $150
Wealth Builders  $100

Pharaohs Army Division:

Renegades $250

Ragin’ Redneck Division:

Living Wealthy  $250

SiteXplosion Division:

Hunters   $250

GPower Surf Division:

Affiliate Prosperity  $200

Wealth Builder Division:

Easy Team  $200

Well done to everyone who took part in this marathon season and congratulations to all the winners.

All the winnings have been paid out to the respective team leaders. How the prizes get distributed are up to the individual team leaders who have full discretion to decide how the winnings should be split up within the teams.

Next up is to work on Season Four and that is what we are busy doing right now.

It will be different from Season Three…there is definitely not going to be another six month marathon.

Exactly how different remains to be seen. That is what we are working on right now but expect big changes ahead.

Jon Olson on TELive

After more than 19,000 badges containing Bill’s face were claimed…we have our winner.

Thomas Sheets managed to find 241 of the 250 badges which had been distrubuted throughout cyberspace…an amazing achievement.

Jon announced the winner on yesterday’s TELive and Thomas as a very worthy winner of the $500 cash prize…so well done, once again, on being such an expert hunter of badges.

This was the biggest badge hunt in TimTech’s history and we think it went well…very well actually.

There will be more badge hunts to come…the next one should be around hallowe’en or thereabouts.

But we have a question for you all: “What could do to make the next badge hunt even better?”

We want to know how things could be better from the point of view of both the badge hunters and the badge sponsors.

Maybe there is something new we could introduce that would make the contest even more fun and exciting…something you would like to see but that nobody else has thought of yet.

In fact any feedback at all would be great…good or bad.

Janelle will also be reaching out to all the badge sponsors separately so if you have any thoughts or suggestions then she wants to know.

Thomas described the badge hunt as “fantastic fun” and that is a great way to sum it up.

It also helped raise money for charity, build up people’s online businesses, raise people’s profiles, put people into programs, get names on lists and so much more.

The badge hunt itself was just on for two weeks but the positive impact it could have is something which could last for a very long time indeed.

I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to the next one.

It is the first day of Week Seven at CTP Teams and Jon is very excited.

Last week’s cash contest could not have gone any better and today he gets to choose the winners during TELive…and that’s less than an hour away. (4pm Eastern)

Be sure to be there to find out if you are one of the winners.

Meanwhile SurfAholics Alpha, Renegades  Hunters and maintained their unbeaten runs last week and therefore remain the only three teams with the maximum weekly points – 30 points after six weeks of competition.

Uber Surfers climbed one place up the table in the Legacy Hits Division, things stayed the same at the Pharaoh’s Army Division while Ultimate Surf Warriors also climbed up one place in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

WealthBuilders 2.0 and Lucky 13 Too both advanced in the SiteXplosion Division, Team Wealthy was the only team to move upwards in the GPowerSurf Division while there were no movers in the Wealth Builder Division.

In the catch all Cup of Traffic Division the top five teams were unchanged when it came to their share of the weekly points compared with the previous week.

The biggest drop this week was for The Hermits Own which fell from sixth place to 22nd place while Surfing To Success was the biggest winner with a three place increase to 16th place in the division.


Thursday saw the return of the Sweeva Surf Party where individuals and teams battled it out to show their creativity and earn some valuable XP in the process.

For those of you who are new to the Surf Party is is a great way for CTP Teams members to spend an hour on Thursdays. Not only because it is fun but also because you get the same amount of XP as the amount of credits you bid to get your page shown.

Although this surf party started with very little notice, there was a huge competition right from the outset…and a lot of winners.

It was great so see some excellent and unique splash pages once again…more about those in a future blog post, and it is always thrilling to see the creativity that has come to symbolize the Sweeva Surf Party and those who make it so great.

For the teams SurfAholics Alpha started out strong and very soon had a massive battle with Renegades as both teams fought hard for top spot during the entire hour.

In the end it all went down to the final page seen as the Alphas effectively locked their rivals out with a one minute timer on their last page shown and took first place with just one page view.

CSN came in third after a long battle with Lucky 13 which started off strongly but CSN kept the pressure up right to the end to claim third place.

As far as individuals were concerned there was a massive contest and a record eight people winning XP for getting their pages shown.

This is how it ended:

1. Sabrina Traversa.

= 2. Monica Wilson, Matt Badura, Eric Burgoyne and Scott Rohn

= 3. Boris P, Marian Gurowicz and Kathy Dyer.

For both teams and individuals first place gets 50k xp; second place gets 25k xp and third place gets 10k xp.

We will do it all again next Thursday at 4pm Eastern in the TELive room.

Hope to see you there.


CTP Teams has been a massive success and it is only going to get even better in 2015 as we build on the successes of 2014.

Today we can reveal that the first season for CTP Teams will end on Sunday December 28 at 11.59.59pm Eastern and there will be a massive prize pot of $5,000 cash for the winners.

Here is how it will work:

The first placed team will get $3,000

The second placed team will get $1,500 and

The third placed team will get $500

The prize will go to the team leaders who will decide how the prizes are to be split up between members.

We know how hard people have worked day in and day out since CTP Teams started and we wanted to reward this in a really massive way and prizes don’t get much bigger than this.

In addition every member who finishes in the Premier League when the first season ends on December 28 will get listed in the new TimTech CTP Teams Hall of Fame and get a lifetime Premier League Season One Hall of Fame Tag for your CTP profile page.

CTP Teams premier-league season badge

So at the end of December you will really want to ensure that your team is in the Premier League – it should make for a really exciting end to the year.

Also we want to announce yet another twist to make December an extra special month…for the whole of December the weekly points – which go towards determining the end of year position – will be tripled. So the last placed team will get three points, the second last, six points, the third last nine points and so on.

Coming up: We also have lots of exciting new plans for 2015 on CTP Teams…watch out for the next post which explains how that will work.

Updated last week standings for october 20 2014

We have now fixed the error which caused the counter to stop at the “magic” number of 2,147,483,647…or at least we think we have.

The only way to check this for sure is for one or more teams to get more points …so hopefully you guys are up to the challenge and will let us know what happens.

As you will see from the above table, SurfAholics Alpha came first, Lucky 13 were second and Uber Surfers were third.

We were not able to get the really big numbers in this week’s count so we will go with

1. SurfAholics Alpha – 3,597,777,127 team points.

2. Lucky 13 – 2,452,921,084 team points.

So let’s go for another record breaking week again this week…see if you can break our counter again.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt new logo screenshot 1

The hunt is over, all the badges have been claimed and we have one winner in the Bigfoot Badge Hunt.

The jackpot prize of $500 goes to Queen of the badge hunts Elina Balashova from Lucky 13 so well done Elina!

Many speculated that Elina would win based on her past performances and she didn’t disappoint.

So here is Elina’s record to date:

Bill’s Birthday Badge hunt, June 1st – June 30th 2013:
Result: Joint first place with Matt McCormack

Halloween Badge Hunt, October 21st – October 31st 2013:
Result: Joint first place with Janelle Pineau and Sharif Hossain

CTP is 3 Badge Hunt, February 10th – February 28th 2014:
Result: Outright winner

Bigfoot Badge Hunt, September 22nd – October 5th 2014:
Result: Outright winner

These are the top five Bigfoot Badge Hunt collectors listed by CTP username.

  1. elina
  2. tektonas
  3. lynnm
  4. logistus
  5. just4u123

Team winners:

There was also a team badge hunt in progress and there were prizes for the top three teams.

So who won? Well the winners are…

  1. Lucky 13  – five million XP
  2. Uber Surfers – 2.5 million XP
  3. SurfAholics Alpha – one million XP

Well done everyone for making this badge hunt so awesome.

Justin Ledvina makes a friend on his Alaska trip

Thanks to everyone who entered the caption contest over on the What Justin Did On His Holiday blog post.

I know that initially publishing the post without any pictures didn’t help, sorry about that, but we got it up and running properly in the end.

So Justin called up some of the barrel dogs (sounds like a good name for a CTP Team) to help him decide on who who should win and these are the results…

1 Russell Stockley – “So that’s where all the beer from the barrels went, mate that’s a damn shame, I am sure that the dogs would have pulled those golf buggy’s a lot faster had they drunk the beer rather than tip it into this ravine.”  50,000 XP

2 Terry Allison – “Ah man!!! I guess there is no boating today for us!” 25,000 XP

3 Stephen Whittle – “Justin: (sobbing) Can’t believe I have to leave all this beauty and go back home to those Timtech idiots
Other Guy: (with great sympathy) I know….your life sucks.”  15,000 XP

Ken Wolff, Barbara Erickson and Karen Kuty also each got 10,000 XP for entering.

Thanks to everyone who entered and the XP has already been awarded to you all…and as you are all Kore4 members you each received four times the amount of XP shown here.

Kore4 gave you more!


We held the Sweeva Surf Party at the “wrong” time yesterday and on the “wrong” day and, despite this, we still set records.

We, well you guys actually, set a new Sweeva Surf Party record for the most number of individuals getting their pages seen during the hour-long event.

We had 38 different people all getting their pages seen and that is totally awesome. There were actually so many of you that both Jon and I ran out of space on our our “official ledgers of record-keeping” and would have been forced to write on our hands if any more people came along.

Interestingly there were a lot of pages from CTP Team members where the members were advertising things other than their teams.

There is nothing wrong with that – people can advertise whatever they like, but it did get me thinking.

I think it would be fair to count a page for the CTP Teams contest if it:

  • was a page specifically advertising or promoting the Team in question.
  • was a page advertising or promoting any product or service but also had the logo of the advertiser’s team clearly visible on it.

For example not all of Matt’s pages were promoting his team this week – nothing wrong with that at all. However if the non-team pages contained the SurfAholics Alpha logo and said something like “Matt is a proud members of SurfAholics Alpha” then I would have no problem putting a checkmark against that page in the teams contest.

This could even lead to the possibility of CTP Teams sponsoring pages. “This page was brought to you by SurfAholics Alpha or The Strays or Lucky 13 etc” Now that is an interesting possibility?

So who won what this week?

Team contest:

  1. Lucky 13 – 21 pages – 50k xp
  2. (=2 ) Surfaholics Alpha – 15 pages – 25k XP
  3. (=2) CSN – 15 pages – 25k XP
  4. Surf To Earn – 4 pages – 10k XP

Individual contest:

  1. Boris – 12 pages – 50k XP
  2. Matt Badura – 11 pages – 25k XP
  3. Walter Mulder – 9 pages – 10k XP
  4. (=3) William Miller – 9 pages – 10k XP

Well done everyone and thanks for all who took part as you helped to make this week’s Sweeva Surf Party another huge success.

numbersThe second Sweeva Surf Party since the site was relaunched was a massive hit.

We opted for a slightly different format and rewarded people for getting their pages shown the most.

What was interesting to see was that as well as many program owners advertising (which is obviously to be expected) but there are affiliates who are shining through with their own promotional work too.

Affiliates need to get noticed and the Sweeva surf party is a great way to really get yourself out there.

Bids went through the roof, as we thought they might, I think the bid average was somewhere around 2,000 when things got going, but I was too busy trying to keep count of all the pages shown to get an accurate figure.

So using the super hi-tech counting systems that Jon and I invested huge amounts of money in devising, the winners were:

  1. Legacy Team – 21 pages shown – 100,000 XP
  2. Lynn M – 11 pages shown – 50,000 XP
  3. Robert Arnold – 10 pages shown 25,000 XP

In addition the following teams received XP for getting their pages noticed.

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. CTP Masters

Each will get 10,000 XP which will go to the team leaders. For for all this week’s winners congratulations. And if you have not already done so then make sure you give Jon your CTP usernames so he can credit you with the XP.

From next week we will attempt to keep track of the team pages seen too and award the XP based on the actual numbers of team pages shown.

See you all in a week’s time…get creative and get seen.